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Say No

Learn How To Say NO Without Disappointing Others

Has your heart and mind struggled at voicing your Truth?

(but then you found yourself to succumb to everyone’s or someone else’s point of view?)

Have you been feeling powerless in your relationship?

Undoubtedly Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and therefore think & feel differently. Sometimes we just loose ourselves in a relationship and soon we feel Void, Empty or Worthless, it happens to both men and women. And why so?

Let’s go back to your childhood, where it all began! Where you lost the power of decision making and taking ownership of your own choices…and you Lost Your Vote To Voice! You chose to stop thinking and feeling for yourself, your Career Choices , your Grooming Style, your expression of your own self…was soon diminished by the voices and expectations of the others. It could have been your father or mother or maybe grandparents or someone you gave away your Power to.


They didn’t take it from you!!! You did not feel confident to DENY OR DEFY their choices for you, their expectations of you and from you! Much went into people pleasing, which was misinterpreted as being Obedient! And you thought you were only being humble or loving, but as you may now recognize it , BEING SELF CENTERED at times is GOOD! Being HONEST WITH ONESELF is GOOD!

Many who had succumbed to the voices of others in their head had let others dominate their life to Live Someone Else’s Script! And even now as an Adult way above 30’s & 40’s you still depend upon their Opinion and Guidance and Approval! You are afraid to make independent choices for Fear of Hurting or Disobeying or Displeasing them. Also because you were afraid to face consequences of your own decisions. So it became easier to let other’s take charge of your life, thereby DISOWNING YOUR OWN POWER in bargain!

What If You Could NOW CHOOSE TO SAY NO…Without feeling guilty, without having to follow the crowd, without having to fear the consequences, and STAND UP FOR YOURSELF… Don’t worry you will not Disappoint others by sharing and walking your TRUTH or by being HONEST WITH YOURSELF FIRST! It takes courage to LIVE YOUR TRUTH COME WHAT MAY!!! There are NO RIGHT OR NO WRONG WAYS, what matters is WHAT RESONATES WITH YOU!!! For Once OWN YOUR LIFE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! For Once LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD, Irrespective of others Approval and Agreement! NO YOU WILL NOT BECOME A REBELLION!!! But MATURE ADULT FOR SURE!

Now you must be still wondering how can I be ME without Disappointing others?

Well, have you heard of ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION, AGREE TO DISAGREE ? There you go…now you Know the KEY TO SAYING YES TO LIFE, SAYING YES TO YOURSELF!!! And sometimes it takes effort to win them over by showing them the valid reasons for your Choices and Sometimes You have to Do it Alone! But it shall be all worth it than LIVING A LIE! And it’s NEVER TOO LATE!!! IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN???

Take Back Your Power in Relationship…with our Relationship Expert and Life Coach/ Writer Shivanya Yogmayaa.

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Shivanya Yogmayaa
Shivanya Yogmayaa, Founder, Oasis of WellBeing, is a Relationship & Self Love Coach, helping women and couples with their Relationship Issues through Counselling. She has been instrumental in various successful and fruitful workshops especially focusing to generate Love, Compassion, Self Love and also Handling Rejection.
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