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Hookah Bars – Harbouring Harm Within the Charm

Hookah bars are found in every nook and corner of the city today. It attracts almost all the teenagers and youngsters to visit and puff out chains of smoke in a dark ambiance with vibrant music. It is believed that hookah smoking offers a different experience than smoking a cigarette and will trigger a sense of healthy and intellectual interaction among those smoking it.

Can tobacco really be used safely in any form?

What happens in a hookah bar?

Can anyone just step into this lucrative space?

This feature will eliminate these cloud of queries about a hookah bar.

Know What’s a Hookah Bar

Hookah bars have cropped up immensely and the most enthusiastic part of the society, the students have been way comfortable flocking towards it. The bright and flashy style statement of hookah smoke, caught up with several sections of people offering number of bars and lounges pompously.


A hookah bar, unlike a typical club is, a unique place for shisha smokers to lay back, relax and listen to some good music. It is a social activity spot and goes with dark walls, dim lights and bright and comfortable furniture. Sounds cozy?

It houses numerous varieties of hookahs, which are single or multi-stemmed instruments with pipe and lit with hookah charcoal for vaporizing and smoking some shisha. The ambiance of the bar will surely enchant the youth and will leave them stuck puffing out the smoke rings hours together.

What’s in these Hookahs?


The tobacco used in Hookah bars today is popularly known as Shisha, which is a large assortment of flavored tobacco. Apart from the strong Turkish tobacco, several fruit flavors and exotic blends of tobacco such as lemon cola, apple mint, honey liquorice, vanilla jasmine and more are available to delight the smokers.

Tobacco and the flavouring molasses in Shisha are generally in a 30-70 combination and contains a certain amount of wetness. It is heated using hookah charcoal and must be done by an expert in the hookah joint.

Does it really affect your health?


It is believed that smoking shisha is less dangerous than smoking cigarettes.

But, the truth underlying it is totally different.

  • Shisha smoking results in the absorption of more and more carbon monoxide from the hookah pipes, which are water pipes free of nicotine.
  • Similar to cigarettes, smoking a hookah pipe also poses several threats towards getting addicted to it.
  • Hookah smoke do contain tar, which is the prime cause behind heart diseases and cancer.


Hookah smoking is still smoking, and so any individual below 18 years should not be allowed to step into the bar. Even an adult above 18 years should smoke at moderation and must have a control on its consumption for individual benefits.

Shisha, though less carcinogenic than tobacco, its consumption is not advisable as it still holds several health risks within it. Therefore, think twice even before stepping into a hookah bar or lounges as they are vibrant houses of harm within the charm.

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