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Right Way To Give Independence to Teenagers


“Mama , I am leaving for college. Bye.” Sheetal just rushed out tying her jacket tight on her dress in summers.


Her mother also rushed out to say bye but she had fast gone. On the way Sheetal took off her jacket, wore her danglers, applied make-up and sat on the bike of her boyfriend Vishal.

Her father was suspicious, strict and alcoholic who never approved of her daughter going around with boys. So, Sheetal started hiding everything from her father though her mother understood. Nobody knows where is Sheetal leading to without any trust and faith in relationships with her parents.


Now in a digital era, new friends of our teens are Facebook and WhatsApp. Making a Girlfriend or Boyfriend is cool. It is in. Some of the teens make new Girlfriend or Boyfriend on Facebook or WhatsApp without even knowing them.


The danger of making unknown friends is too much and parents are worried about their well-being. This creates doubt and insecurity in the mind of parents.


So, Jaya, 45 year old lady whose daughter is in college has set up a healthy boundary with her daughter. She always affirms that she has faith in her daughter and her friends.

Jaya’s boundary with her daughter is that she can go with her friends for shopping, watching a movie, Disco etc. but by telling her in advance and return back home at 11.00 PM. This time limit of 11.00 PM is important for both the daughter and mother. So by respecting the boundaries of each other their relationships remain stable and good.


Faith and love are keys to the harmonious relationships. If Parents remain suspicious and spy their teens, then teens will also lose faith in them.

Today’s teens are having exposure to the digital media, TV, Mobile etc. start from the beginning they are born. As parents when we were young, we didn’t have access to these items. Thus, times have changed and also our attitudes towards our children.

Having faith in our teens and by encouraging them, we can achieve a lot. Our teens can do wonder and reach pinnacle of success. They also need our love, understanding and support as we need theirs.

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