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Learn The Basics Of A Conscious Relationship


A Conscious Revolutionary Relationship is an Evolving Journey Not a Destination…


Conscious Relationships Ensure Mental Emotional Physical & Spiritual Evolution when both the partners are Committed to the Choice of Loving against all odds.

Conscious Relationships Do Not indulge in Blame Games but rather Take Responsibility for themselves.

Conscious Relationships are Open to Shadow Work/Inner Work understanding we all have Baggages and Mood Swings as we age.

Conscious Relationships Engage Empathetic Listening than choosing to Judge or Respond in Defense.

Conscious Relationships Forgive as they are not bound by the Ego Play that we fall to Prey as Human Beings.

Conscious Relationships Believe in Absolute Mutual Trust and make Space for more Opening

Conscious Relationships Aspires to Evolve through every Drama and Karma of Life Mindfully

Conscious Relationships Desire to Merge in Oneness as they are Aware We Are One Reflecting One Another.

Conscious Relationships Accept the Differences Gracefully, Accepting Each Other as they are.

Conscious Relationships Value Spiritual Growth and being of Service as they see Life on Earth as a Cosmic Journey

Conscious Relationships Allow Freedom and Space to One Another to Explore and Follow their own Beingness and Passions

Conscious Relationships Make A Choice to Love and Be Loving.



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Shivanya Yogmayaa
Shivanya Yogmayaa, Founder, Oasis of WellBeing, is a Relationship & Self Love Coach, helping women and couples with their Relationship Issues through Counselling. She has been instrumental in various successful and fruitful workshops especially focusing to generate Love, Compassion, Self Love and also Handling Rejection.