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Happiness, Snapshots At a Quick Glance

Spending days with our daily chores, we easily forget to open little doors of happiness. Giving you little peek of your life when you decide to stay moving.


These Cautious steps of life

these funky moments

some carefree days

A Lot thoughtful ones


Each day was a long one

that ended up pretty soon

I’s still left with much to do

and there I see the moon


I cared to help each day

struggled to be just right

enjoyed so much the hard work

made me sweat, I loved that fight


Woke up early few mornings

just to be punctual and on time

rest early ones just came by self

some breeze, some chirping, some coffee with myself


Came everyday, music to my soul

loud ones, low ones and melodious

Ah! Left are few notes, I haven’t yet played

spared to be tried, few more mornings


Few more sweating, Few more attempts

Few more blows, Few more punches

Catch up with you life

With few more incomplete days n nights


Keeping these snapshots to show you later

will show you, how we had cuddled

during those welcomed fights

of Life!




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Arti is an evolved writer, blogger, poet who comes up with her own creative writing style. She is inquisitive, thorough, always in search of some food for thought. Philanthropist at heart, Learner by virtue, likes to help children in writing skills and poems. Some of her beliefs: Learning must never stop. Youth in you never dies. Company of children make you live and elders wise; respect both.. ( Yes, respect children too ) Editor @chaaicoffee