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Cool Tips on Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Father’s Day is luckily arriving on Sunday, and you and your father got advantage over the tight pack schedule to spend some quality time together. Since childhood, less the time fathers spend with the kiddos more this time has to be quality time. But spending quality time and surprising with your wishlist is not just your father’s To Do. Show you love and care to your father with a gesture and let him feel worth all he does for you.

Yes, all fathers are different and true its little tough to think of a gift for a man as compared to women. Making it simpler, we have jotted few ideas you can rely on to make his day special.

Grill Set – When your father loves barbecue more than anything else. He will be awed with this one.

Garden Tools – A garden weeder is such a useful one for the love of gardening and making gardening even more lovable for him.

Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers – This one’s a real need when he is hushing around entire day, swapping the meetings and having a tussle through the day.

Musical Instrument – Boys love to play music and this may be a passion or a hobby

Carved Belt – A carved belt or may be woven would be a cherished memory.

Battery Quick Charger – If he has a vehicle, it’s going to be very useful. Well, some of them come with light also, worth using when need to change a tire.

Clothes with a twist – Dads love to be trendy from inside. So bring him out of the usual clad. A denim or themed wear does well sometimes depending upon how you can make him do something unusual and stunning. What if he has been mentoring you all the way, you know the fashion better than him. Right?

There may indeed be a lot of things you can think of gifting depending upon his need, desires or what you want him to use. But, mind it, he is the same dear dad who loved your self made cards and lovely gestures since your school days. So, you may also try out

A DIY thing

A letter or a poem

Wash his car or bike ( if he does that on own )

Polish his shoes

Flaunt your pic together as DP

A card or a simple expressive note in his newspaper

Breakfast prepared by you


There is a lot and really a lot you can do on Father’s Day, just remember important is your effort, small or big. Fathers are the strong back of the family but they have a heart too. Just keep that in mind and you both will rock.

Share what you do this Father’s Day and make our day awesome!









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