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Love is a wonderful feeling that is often difficult to explain. Right from the moment we open our eyes, we fall in love with our MOTHER, definitely the most amazing person in the life of any individual. She becomes our first teacher and will teach us the VALUES, which are pretty imperative for a positive living. Children raised by a strong mother will inherit few characteristics that make them complete.


  • The Real meaning behind unconditional love: Every mother loves her children to the bits of their lives. She would make countless sacrifices, to see her child stay happy and healthy. She would never complain about any of her sufferings, but will do anything with immense happiness and unconditional love, which one won’t find anywhere else.

Independence & Relationship

  • Value of Independence: Independence is very important in terms of finances as well as individual self. Any person who is free to think can think wonders as well as make them. A strong mother will impart the power of individuality into the person by supporting their decisions and accepting their thoughts.

strong relationship

  • Being both Strong and Soft: Never lose balance is the basic mantra taught by my mother. One should remain strong as well as soft from the bottom layers of the heart. The respective trait should reach out when the situation demands. She leads by example and will make their children understand and attain this trait.

children & Love

  • Creating happiness within and around: Satisfaction is the key to a positive living. Creating happiness within oneself is possible only if you attain satisfaction. Only if you are happy you can spread the happy wave around, which is essential for a blissful life. After all, life is short and staying happy with whatever one has can bring in the ultimate satisfaction


  • Love yourself and stay Confident: Any individual who loves themselves will always remain positive. They can say the most powerful NO and can happily walk away, even if the whole world is against them, simply because they are taught to believe in themselves. This trait can improve self-confidence, which is extremely important to withstand in the world.

Along with these, only an individual raised by a strong mother will learn the true meaning of diverse facets like compassion, kindness, love and strength in every walk of life. I believe that my mother is the strongest one and hope I can give the same to my daughter…

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Sowmya Venuturupalli, an opinionated mom to a pretty princess enjoying motherhood, is a passionate classical dancer, a writer by interest, and a lecturer by choice. She is a lifestyle blogger and with all her interest in writing, she is intrigued to pen down the creative side in her articles.