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How To Dress Fabulous at Work

Wear Clothes that make you happy but more importantly COMFORTABLE! Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it is not luxury but pain. It’s better to remember always, it’s not about the dress you wear, it’s about the life you lead in the dress.

Just because you have to dress for a corporate setting, it doesn’t mean you have to feel uncomfortable. Feeling restricted and miserable for hours in a dress isn’t the only way to have a good impression. Research has found that not only do our outfits impact our mental state; they also affect how we feel about ourselves. A study of 100 women between the ages of 21 and 64 found that 96 percent of participants linked their choice of outfits to their confidence level.


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We all have those images in our mind of women dressed for success: beautiful stilettos, a perfectly fitted pencil skirt, and a stiff blazer. But, while poised and professional, work-wear often lacks a major element of good style—comfort. If you want to be your best self, you have to feel at ease in your outfit. You don’t want to be distracted thinking about your aching feet or the fact that you can’t freely move in what you’re wearing.

Somewhere in between too-tall stilettos and pajama-like sweatpants, there’s a middle ground full of comfortable clothes that are office-appropriate and actually wearable.

Do these Add-ons to your Wardrobe sense and dress comfortably


Wear natural Fabrics – Wear Khadi: There’s nothing to beat the feel of the home-spun fabric that Mahatma Gandhi so loved. What is so good about Khadi?


Friendly to the body and do not cause any allergies or irritations to the body unlike synthetics.

It is warm in winter and cool in summer.

Khadi is an all-weather fabric.

Natural fabrics including cotton allow for better air circulation, which helps remove and  absorb body moisture.

In hot and sweaty seasons cotton draws heat away from the skin and keeps the body cool and dry, but in colder temperatures it can actually provide insulation, keeping the cold and wet out.

These attributes make cotton clothing good for layering and appropriate for all seasons.

2. Make a style statement – What you wear is a statement about your lifestyle and values. Support the movement that helped set India free then and the rural women now.


Handloom is the only source of employment of many rural artisans. Khadi is ecofriendly. Make khadi your style statement and flaunt your values. Wearing and working with Khadi gives an emotional high and enormous pride and pleasure.

3. Simplify – We waste so many precious moments concerning ourselves with frivolous details. An outfit will not change the world; it probably won’t even change your day. In essence, don’t sweat the small stuff. Make your life easier by concentrating on the big picture.


This is precisely why individuals like President Obama, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Albert Einstein decided to make life easier by adopting a monotonous wardrobe. Invest in some classic yet stylish basics: Make sure these items are always ready by having them cleaned and pressed after wearing them.

4. Accessorize – Don’t be afraid to wear jewelry or a nice watch with your professional outfit. Accessories add a polish to your outfit and are an easy way to spice up any outfit.


A study done by Evans Research Associates found nine out of 10 HR managers said their companies allow workers to wear casual clothing at the office. The study noted 85 percent respondent saying a casual dress policy improves employee morale. For 72 percent it saves employees time, whereas two-thirds believe the policy could be used as a retention tool. Forty percent even sees it improves productivity at work.

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