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Swanky Fashion The FGali Way

Scene 1 – I’ve seen many girls cribbing about the quality they are offered in their footwear. Like really, when it comes to fashion most of the footwear brands focus on good looks and trendy pairs. Why not? After all every girl wants something different from what her friends  have got. Yet the price they pay for their chosen pair of shoes is not always the tag price, it’s sometimes your comfort you get to compromise with those less comfortable pair or the ones bidding you goodbye too soon.

Scene 2 – Not just girls, when it comes to boys, tell me how broad is the choice for them to literally CHOSE their own style statement?

Scene 3 – Well this is the story of us as a consumer, the end user of shoes. There is one more aspect of comfortable yet designer shoes… The Designer! Think about it.. When you’re given credit to your small piece of work at home / office or your school & college, does it make you numb? Of course NOT!! That inspires you nothing short of an Olympics returned athlete with the nation calling his name. You get more inspired to do even better.


Cutting it short 🙂 let’s begin story of a footwear brand – FGali

Realizing all the problems of shoes lovers, FGali came up with their Design led footwear brand, where you get Comfort promised, Design chosen, Price fair for fashion and along with that One Unique Story of the Designer who designed that pair of shoe. So this way, you get all that you ever wanted along with a piece of joy to read, share and appreciate.

Starting off back in 2014, without any knowledge of shoe designing and manufacturing, F-Gali now sells Hand Painted shoes that’s made to order. Going this way, lead them to understand customer’s choices in detail. Coming ahead of a tough journey where competitors were big brands and a multi-million dollar industry against the fair price and exclusive designer shoes from F-Gali, due to the high demand and the appreciation it got, it’s now moving to digitally printed designs as well.

A Bag Full of Appreciation

(these are just few… phew!!)

Fashion F-Gali
Customized F-Gali Shoes inspired from Boman Irani
F-Gali Anushka Arora
RJ, VJ Anushka Arora, quite pleased by F-Gali’s Music Box Shoes
Ankita Lokhande, F-Gali shoes are adding to her cute looks
Ankita Lokhande, F-Gali shoes are adding to her cute looks

The Eureka Moment

(from Shakeef Khan – co-founder)

“Like any other college going kid, I was always inclined towards looking cool and different during my college days in order to get noticed and enjoy the attention, Shakeef said. Shoes being one of the most important elements of your style, I was constantly on a look-out for quirky and funky footwear. Firstly, shoes with quirky designs barely existed and even if they did, the price was out of reach for the average college going youth. “

Sujeet – co-founder

The pivotal man behind bringing the well appreciated designs direct from the artists and designers.

Akansha the soul of style journey, Stylist by profession having styled many Bollywood celebs works on aesthetics of products, gets involved in quality and designs up gradation of products.

Check out their Fan Book

Fashion is not about following others, Fashion is a personalized statement and when fashion shakes hands with talent and the talented designers, this not only adds a value to the style but also a recognition, a voice to the otherwise hidden artists. 

This journey is well begun and shall we say a red carpet is yet waiting to welcome it. On that note, here is a peek to F-Gali closely and here is where you can be a part of its fame and success.


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