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Secrets to buying the Perfect, Branded Hoodie in Your Budget

Winters have knocked already and teenagers for sure can’t stay away from using Hoodies. Indeed, not just Teenagers. We all have to have at least a pair or two in our wardrobe. That’s our winter saviour, that’s our style statement, that’s our all time buddy. That’s just a Big C.. Cool & Comfortable. Buying a perfect hoodie however is a big factor in getting all the plusses of wearing a perfect one. So let us help you out what you need to know when you wish to buy a branded hoodie yet don’t want to drain a big part of your shopping budget.

Where to go shopping

hoodie market

Buy Online

One of it is to look for a showroom but that may not be as per your budget always. Also, it’s not a bad idea to to share what you gonna spend in as many things as you can, and for the same quality and product that you want. So, for that if you’re in Delhi you’re lucky already to have Sarojini Nagar, Karol Bagh and Janpath on your list.

What to look for in an original hoodie

Fabric – Fabric gives you the feel first, before you wear it. So, check for the smoothness, fineness and the feel that it gives your body. If it’s heaven, it’s original.

hoodie fabric

Stitching – Quality of stitching will speak itself to match at par the original. And if it is, it’s original.

stitch hoodie

Logo – Look for the logo to be there and importantly look for the finishing given to the logo.



You can be a smart shopper if you know this and chances are least that you can be fooled.

  • Inner Label – Look for the inner label (not the one on neck).
  • Make – Check for the Make, it should be Made in India (Now be proud, India is a great manufacturer of clothing and exports largely, all the originals).
  • Destination – Read the country it’s Made For
  • Instructions – Instructions should be written in the native language of the country it’s made for besides the English.
  • Style No. – If it’s original, it ought to have a style no.


Best of the Hoodies you can lean on


superdry            Superdry

nike logo          Nike

 reebok-logo         Reebok

benetton logo         Benetton


zara        Zara Mens & Kids

mango       Mango

hollister       Hollister

A&F Abercrombie & Fitch

And ow you can claim to be a smart shopper and grab your original hoodie (rather hoodies for a better price). Enjoy the winter!

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