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What Is Organic Clothing And Why It’s Important? – Design Different

When a ray comes from within, no one can stop you from shining bright. Mamtaa Gupta, apparently born to flabbergast the fashion seekers with her aesthetic sense. Propagating design and art with her sole purpose, she becomes the ambassador of style. We are gifted with so much beauty around but most of times we fail to notice. So when nothing works to charm our senses, Art does. That’s what Mamtaa Gupta at Buzzaria does, flourishing Art in all forms. Mamtaa, a fashion designer, pours art literally on the ensembles that she has been creating for years now.

Mamtaa Gupta

Not just one but more than 50 Indian brands come under her multi-brand store Buzzaria.

Organic Buzzaria

Fashion has its own sense and its each time different. It does not cease to keep changing, innovating and please us endless. Blue Lotus, founded by Mamtaa originated with a creator’s thought. Where it represents Shiva, Sky, Out of the  box thinking, and Blue ocean theory. Blue ocean theory where you create and co exist, where you do not compete, do not kill. That is how Blue Lotus was born, for women to women.

She speaks to us about the organic range that Buzzaria offers. Organic, is not just food, its clothes too.

What are Organic products and how relevant it is to the consumers?

Organic clothing is made from materials raised in or grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards. It may be composed of cotton, jute, silk, ramie, or wool. The organic clothing or fabric is an eco friendly choice and also its best suited during the time of pregnancy and even for kids and old age people as these apparels are light and soothing to skin and have no side effects.”


What is the world of organic products in your words?

The organic products promote a healthy lifestyle as more and more people are opting for it in their regular lifestyles.

It ultimately symbolize the love for nature and facilitate to utmost comfort .Being the exclusive platform for various handmade products and NGO’s,

We are also making a step towards the preservation of mother earth and nature.”


Which of these products Buzzaria offers?

Buzzaria Dukaan offers the organic clothing which brings a contemporary twist to heritage prints from India to create a line of clothing that is urban, organic, and ethical. The exclusive range of apparels is designed on organic cotton, knit and voile and depicts graphic prints and fine hand embroidery which adds to the alluring look of the designer pieces. The organic collection is available in different color combinations and has a wide range of office clothing for modern women which includes palazzos, kurtis and also casual clothing such as t-shirts and denims.”

When the world is waking to the realization of importance of organic products. Many are still not very concerned about it. What do you think stop them and what they’re missing?

“As organic clothing is not very common and also its bit on a higher side when it comes to the price range, so people are still sticking to their old and regular fabrics. So the awareness about the organic clothing line needs to be focused on and this industry still needs to grow and needs to have more presence in the market.”


Your words on price difference of organic and non organic products.

“When we talk about the non organic clothing, its something which people have already adapted so this makes them reluctant from moving towards the organic line as these products are a little heavier on the pocket as compared to the cottons and linens which are inexpensive. But with time people are becoming conscious and aware of their lifestyle and are inclining towards eco friendly choices.”

What are the musts of them for you? 

“According to me body care and hair care products are a must have from the organic range.”



Your experiences or the journey of knowing these products and propagating the organic products and its importance.

“It’s been 5 years since I have been working for organic products. It gives me a lot of happiness and satisfaction and it’s been a wonderful journey so far.”


Catch her and her innovative products @Buzzaria for clothing, jewellery, decor and more.

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