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Dress up Your Short Height With These Fashion Hacks

One has to go experimental while choosing clothes because fashion is what makes you feel comfortable and confident among others. It has been challenging to wear the right kind of dress for girls with a plus size and also with a short height. Let’s consider few tips to choose your kind of dress when you have a petite


One with a Short Height

1. When you cannot do anything with your short height, there is this simple hack you need to remember while choosing clothes. Go for a dress with shorter hem length. A dress above the knee to the knee length max would be ideal to look a little taller.

2. Wearing heels is an obvious second choice. Also, the colour of your shoes when nude adds to your height and the low cut vamp, the part of the shoe which covers the toes.

3. When you cannot go for short dress, prefer wearing strips or a pattern vertical. It enhances your height and looks chic too.

monochromatic dress
Monochromatic Colours to Look Taller

4. Did you notice? Navy, Burgundy, Black and Charcoal colours create an illusion of height!

5. Accessorise with skinny belts. Skinny belts make the best way to cinch your waist if you are short heighted because a broad one would rather cut the appearance in two halves and impair your height badly.

6. Wear V-necklines. The best neckline to make your torso appear leaner and longer is the V-neckline. So the next time you buy solid colour women dresses, opt for V-necks.

A V-neck Look
A V-neck Look

7. High waist bottoms. Low waist has been a charm for a long period but if you are dressing in matching tops and bottoms, it would be ideal to make your legs look longer with high waist. Besides, keeping your top tucked is a wise trick with any sort of bottom.

8. The right hairstyle. You get to look taller when you can show off the neckline and shoulders so keeping a short haircut helps you that way.

Shorter Haircut


Else, smart it up in a top knot.




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