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Most Effortlessly Impressive Fashion Influencer

He is adorable, calm and understanding. He is fashion freak, social, some 11.6k social?! But hey, he is a darling and obedient too. Ya right. Being obedient brought him to the limelight and its just not stopping. You’ve been following fashion trends, latest check out and styles here and there. Ever thought to chase a dog for some styling tips? Well you can, for a change. Because this dog is no ordinary and will pose every trending wearable and fashion clothing right in front of the camera. It’s a dog, so showcasing mens wear. So much so that it’s owners named it ‘menswear dog’ and it’s earning them pretty well.

Let’s have a couch meeting

shiba inu

Well may be this fashion stylist will be back after having his loaf. We can wait for that cuteness. Right? 😉


Some Man to Man talk…

talk show

No graphics involved, it’s just the distinct personality per se that this dog is born with. This Shiba Inu breed of Japan, is known to be the smallest of six original and distinctive spitz. Known to be Companion Dog, Shiba Inu owns a high spirited personality.

So what is it like to have him around? Let’s check his scorecard.


All Around Friendliness

Health Grooming


Exercise Needs

 Trending Styles. No Skin Show

Well, there’s no muscular display, no skin show, nothing of that sort. It’s all about attitude & grace. Check out the glasses, the clothing and the attitude to carry it with grace 😀

Listing up few adorable clicks. Many more on the link below. There you go!


Rockstar Mode
Traveller Look

Enjoy the unusual story of this significant fashion influencer. Stay smiling 🙂

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