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Do You Dare To Take Your Fashion Sense To Tribal India

India has been known to be rich in culture, heritage beyond the term sone ki chidiya or say golden sparrow. When you see the rich fashion that we have inherited, it won’t be less than jaw dropping. Some of them giving no sense and leave clueless as to how on earth one ever thought of launching it!!  Coming from the land of multitudinous culture and people, the culturally rich heritage leave us with fascinating costumes and intricately designed accessories. Modernisation touching them nowhere. Due to the presence of tribes, India has received various flavors of  beautiful and colourful indigenous people. Modernisation and Fashion today can only be inspired.


Banjara Fashion

Silver,  Brass, Gold, Cowries, Ivory, Animal Bone, Plastics etc are used to make a banjara wardrobe.

Banjara women dressing is the most colourful and elaborated among other tribes of India.  A woman of Banjara tribes is quite accustomed to the costume ghagra-lehenga-choli.

The odhni (mantle), which covers the head, is quite long enough thus draping down their backs almost going as long as its feet.

The women rarely takes off all her bone bangles and anklets!!

Jewelleries become an integral part of the body. Long silver earrings are very common things to wear and also patterned cowries adorn the hairs plaits of a Banjara woman.


Dhaneta  Jat

Jat Fashion



Dhaneta is one of the largest and hidden Jat community of Kutch.

The most peculiar attire of this Jat community women are their nose ring they wear.

A nose ring worth a size of bangle! 







Men of the Koya tribe wear headdresses of cattle horns and shells and play drums during an end of harvest dance.

The Koya live in the forests, plains, and valleys on both sides of the Godavari River in Andhra Pradesh.

Many also live in Madhya Pradesh and Orissa.




fashion tribal


The art of wearing cloth, decorating their bodies and hairs is one of the remarkable cultural traits of Gadabas.

Both men and women tie their long hairs with linseed oil and decorate it with forestry flowers and different ornaments.

The Gadaba women are fond of wearing a number of ornaments generally made out of brass or aluminium.




Khasi Fashion


They wear a Jainsen which covers them waist down till ankles paired up with blouse.  Over these dresses, they wear cotton shawl called tap-moh khlieh which represents an apron to some extent. Women wear long piece of Assam Muga silk to add that ecstasy to their whole attire.

Khasi females accessorise and beautify themselves pure gold or silver ornaments.




Isn’t our India truly incredible ?

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