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Eco-Friendly Pencils by Inaayat, Living Room To Study

We live in a world where we have to use the resources to fulfill our needs. As we upgrade ourselves, we need more and diverse resources to cater the needs arising. Using the resources sometimes becomes an exploitation per se.  Taking an example of a very basic thing, pencil, as stated the number of trees that have fallen for producing something as little as pencils, has statistically deprived 50,000 people of oxygen per year. Project Inaayat, in collaboration with Enactus (Entrepreneurial Action for us all) has given an incredible product to one & all.

Enactusenactus | one of its kind working in upliftment of societies in a unique way

Enactus is an international non-profit organization wherein young students and leaders collaborate to create a sustainable impact on the society by initiating business ideas that are innovative. Students working on different campaigns build a sustainable future and bright society. Operational and active since 2012, it has been active in around 97 universities and colleges around the country.

inaayatWhat is Project Inaayat

Project Inaayat is an initiative to use the recyclable material as raw material for making pencils. Waste newspapers are reused many ways but now Inaayat is going to make a huge difference in environment by making pencils out of waste newspapers. This will thin the scope of extensive tree shedding and also give us a soft and rather trendy by-product. Now that’s called learning, at learning age!
Not only does it contribute to the protection of the environment, but also towards giving employment to the disabled people. Enactus NCU has collaborated with an NGO named ‘Family of Disabled’ (FOD). It works for the welfare and betterment of disabled people across India.


In short, clearly the newspaper pencils that are created are an eco-friendly alternative to the existing wooden pencils in the market. A good quality is ensured of these pencils. There are two primary objectives that this project fulfills:
1. It supports the environment by reducing the number of trees cut, and
2. It provides income to the disabled people. The disabled people involved in the manufacturing process of these pencils earn INR 4000 per month, working 4 hours a day.
Let’s support this project and welcome this revolutionary, eco-friendly product among us.
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