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How to Communicate Better?

Call for Communication

Communication is the key to success. This calls for a need to choose words wisely. Words & Vibes build your sw-maan or say, Self Respect. Choosing wrong words may not always harm you in present and one may do things pretty well in future too but that could bear a less self esteem forever.

….And You Thought This Worked?

When a child is not doing as expected, in spite of building pressure, try to take it away. This is just opposite to what we more often do. We build pressure and that in fact, suppresses what’s already bothering from within. Practically this may seem little difficult to practice.

So Here Is A Perspective For You

Pressure may bring good from the child or even an adult yet might not bring out the best from SOUL.

There is a capacity of soul mixed with past life sanskar and other pressures of this life. So, consider the capacity of the soul and gradually communicate with the soul.

The Mystery Resolved

There are many live stories around where with bare resources or an extremely ordinary background people do extraordinary achievements. Ever wondered if they were super humans? Fact is that those who do extraordinary despite odd circumstance is because of their past sanskar and their soul’s desire and capacity.


We can support someone, even our children but we cannot transform them. So leave the pressure off you and off the child. Live with peace and things shall be better sorted.

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