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What Bourbon Has To Do With Your Whiskey?

Choosing between a whiskey and non whiskey drink may take a while to decide as of now. But if you decide to go for one, let us dive in some facts about this so called friendly drink. Mind it, too much of water is also bad.

Healthy Buddy

Red wine has been our party pal, no matter you liked the taste or adapted it, for it has plenty antioxidants. Researchers, however, have said that malt whiskey offers even greater health benefits. “Drinking single malt whiskey has more ellagic acid than red wine.” Consultant to drinks industry, Jim Swan,  stated in Telegraph earlier. “This ellagic acid absorbs the good for nothing cells in the body and helps saving you from cancer.”

The fact however is contradicted by Dr Lesley of Cancer Research UK, saying that the same ellagic acid is found in fruit as well and looking at increasing number of cancer patients while drinking excess alcohol, it’s really not needed to hit the bottle in any case.

One of the fruits you can easily access is Pomegranate, containing Ellagic Acid.


Leaving behind any possibility of gaining health from whiskey, let’s just find out then for that leisure shot, what Bourbon has to do with whiskey.


Whiskey is basically the category and Single Malt Scotch, Bourbon and Rye are all styles of it. Its that simple.

Difference if that matters

Bourbon and Rye are both Native American Spirits. So, the difference between them are the mash bill, i.e. proportion of different grains used.

Inputs from Whiskey Expert Tommie Tardie @BI

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