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Small Steps, Great Care For Your Feet in Monsoon

Taking care of your feet in monsoon becomes essentially important to beat the smell and dirt. This problem may not be seen to all but the bearer knows the pain. After the scorching heat, it feels good to walk bare feet on cool flooring but Beware! Rainy season is favourable for the bacterial growth and the bacteria on the floorings can even enter your body through soles. Make sure to follow these simple yet effective ways to care for your feet and pamper them.


1. Choose Appropriate Footwear 

monsoon footwear

Not every material is suitable for your feet in the humid days of monsoon. You need air to be breathed by your skin too. So, avoid any leather wear strictly that will block the air. Neither cotton footwear is suitable nor flip-flops. Simply avoid dirt. Do look for some water proof footwear.

2. Rubdown

feet therapy

Keeping your feet in warm water in winters is something we love to do. The same is equally required in monsoons when you need to dip your feet in lukewarm water adding some antiseptic preferably. Use a pumice stone and a feet brush to give a rubdown under soles and around the toe nails. This will surely keep your feet pretty, soft and odor less.

Alternately you can try some foot scrub to remove the dead skin and make your skin soft organically. But Don’t Overdo it ever.

3. Keep it Super Clean –


Don’t hesitate to use the wet wipes for your feet sometimes. Keep your nails well trimmed, especially the edges. You can use anti-bacterial powder under the soles of your feet and between the toes preventing any possibility of fungal infection.

4. The Shoe Show –


Footwear that you’ve chosen to wear whole day need to be washed before wearing it next time. So better clean it at the end of the day, wash your feet, wash your footwear and change it as soon you reach home. Evening is the time hitting high moisture making it ideal time to give a good time to your feet.

5. Sleep it Off –


End of the day, don’t forget to meet your feet once again. Use some light moisturizer and rub along well. Any dry and dead skin will go away and your feet will always be baby young.


Taking care of your feet is mostly ignored but is most important, you must remember that always. Look upon the feet to peep into the character of a person. You are sure to feel superb in just one month’s care and you are going to love it.


Have a carefree monsoon! 🙂



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