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Lip Fashion For Fall From Around The Globe

We’ve all been there, stuck in a style-rut. Routine gets the best of us and we find ourselves waking up for work each morning, applying the Same makeup products, in the Same order and wondering why we feel dull and drab. We want to switch up our look, but not in a complete makeover sort of way. And we certainly don’t want to break the bank in the process. What’s new for fall? For one thing, the colours are intense, subversive even. When it comes to lips, that’s not exactly a surprise, because lips are the new status and fashion quo this season. After nail art the next trending thing in the market is lip art or lip fashion.

Let’s take you around the globe and introduce to you some latest lip fashion.


Twining the matte: the ombre way !

Matt LipArt
The Matt Look

While glossy lips and dewy skin usually mark the beginning of spring, for those of us looking to change up the status quo, a quick and affordable swap of your liquid lip lacquers for a matte pout can go a long way. 

Twinning or mixing colour can add as a catalyst to the new trend. This look is surprisingly versatile, far from boring and can work on every skin tone. Perfect for day or night, you can go matte with any hue.

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Lips your new canvas

If you feel quite ready to go beyond glitters, reach for those rhinestones, sequins and sprinkles. After dabbing on a lip colour of your choice, work out a nice pattern in and around your lips for accent.

Using eyelash glue, set your accents into place and keep them there.

Paint your way, style your lips and be the real you!

If you fall short of colour don’t worry ,We have solution to this too. Mix in an eyeshadow in bold colour with lip balm to get the lip stain colour you desire. 

Explore the Canvas

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Glitters- ever shining the way!

The latest beauty trends will have you bathing in glitter over the wedding season. Glitter lips calls for disco dust. It adds sparkles to your pout with all-over shimmer.

To get the look, Grab a lipstick with sparkles already in it and sweep away any excess glitter with a fluffy brush.


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Neon- evergreen !

Lip Fashion

Sometimes, subtlety is overrated. With boldpunchy and orange lips making major statements this spring, this is not the season to be color-shy.

One trend that’s taking our bold tendencies even further, pushing beauty into fluorescent territory, is neon lips.  Dazzling neon will bring all the attention to your lips, so it’s important to make them as flawless as possible.  

Lip Fashion or say Lip Art takes lip colouring to a whole new level. More than anything, cosmetics are providing more avenues for people to express themselves. Lip Art is quickly proving to be an exciting development in cosmetics. Now, makeup is no longer just a beauty must-have, it’s also largely becoming a priceless work of art. And, since it’s an art, let others make their own interpretation of your design and let them be!!

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