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10 Easiest Monsoon Makeup Tips

Let the rain kiss you, let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops, let the rain soak you with its clayey smell but don’t let it effect your skin and hair. Hello peeps is the downpour washing away your makeup ? Here are some tips to keep your makeup, skin and hair in care during monsoons.

1. Use ice



Wash and clean your face with the facewash which suits your skin type best. Rub your face with ice for  5-10 minutes to lower sweating rates. Women with oily skin can use astringent and for dry skin can use toner after ice to cool and refresh the skin.


2. Waterproof only

waterproof makeup


Always use waterproof makeup. If you don’t have waterproof product don’t worry , u can use a drop of Makeup Forever Aqua Seals which turns any makeup product waterproof. All you need to do is take a drop, mix, swipe and you are done.

3. Never say no to Sunscreens



Most of the people do not use sunscreens when the weather starts to cool this is a big no no for all users. In fact, sunscreens are meant to be used even when the sun says bye-bye as the little to do sun rays also harm your skin. All you can do is you can minimize your SPF.

4. Primer do good



To build a smear – proof base always use a primer first before using foundation or before  contouring your skin. The primer is a natural shield for dust, water and debris and also helps to remove perspiration through pores. Isn’t that so needful?

5. CC and BB creams makes it easy

cc and bb cream


Use of Liquid foundations should be restricted, powdered base foundation can be used but during monsoon it’s recommended not to use foundation . CC or BB creams are best replaceable products.

6. Creamier colour for splashing season

creamier makeup


Use cream blusher instead of dark coloured powder. The cream colour looks light, yum and water friendly. Blending is the key word. Use beauty blender or flat brush for blending. If it your blush gets wet just dab it with tissue rather than rubbing it.


7. Eyes to look the best



Use of mascara should be a strict no-no. If needed use a water resistant one. Use a pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner. Hydrate your lid first use coconut oil or milk cream at night. Apply it overnight. Use of kajal should be limited. Forget the use of eyebrow pencil , just keep it in shape with tweezing and threading. Use of hair gel over your eyebrows will give it a lustrous effect.


8. Matte the new trend



Lipstick are tend to wash away from the downpour. Use of a matte shade is recommendable. To lock your lip colour after applying the first layer dab little talc on to it then apply second layer. This would help your lip colour to stay for a longer time.


9. Monsoon Hair care



For healthy hair use mild shampoo , conditioning is must . Avoid hair styling products like hair sprays , gels, straightening or curling. Beer works really very well as a conditioner. Drink a lot of water and take diet rich in vitamin E like nuts, spinach , tofu etc.


10. Moisturizing is a Must ( Yes, even in monsoons )



Seal your makeup with a make-up setting spray. Moisturizing is a must for a health skin.


Hope these tips would help you out to have a gleeful monsoon . Keep smiling and keep splashing! 😊



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