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Allow me to give you a proposition, no matter you belong to a medicine field / a health expert or just your own special self, you can become a doctor anyway. 🙂 Not kidding while saying this but you surely can do that just by being a kid again. We grown ups mostly tend to take up tough ways and boring methods thinking that these are tried and tested ways. The fact is that experimenting is key to freshness. Life is more fun, more energetic and lively the way it should be, only when you keep trying new innovative ways to keep it so. What if I say all of this freshness you can design yourself within a glass of tea healthy tea, even for kids? That’s what Adnan Sarkar’s Dr. Bubble promises to give you. Healthy Tea, Life, Fun, Excitement and DR.? Let’s clear the confusion and know more about it with the newly launched beverage.

Bubble Tea

Tea has been refreshing for many but which tea is ideal and whether its healthy for you or not, that sometimes raises few eyebrows. To speak of Bubble Tea, its a name given to the wide variety of refreshing flavoured fruit teas and milk teas served ice cold or piping hot with cherry natural tapioca balls that you suck up through a big fat straw!

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… you can call it with any of these any many more lovingly. After all its doctored by you 😀

bubble Tea


 Freshly Brewed Tea every 2 hours, combined with the flavour base for that satiating and refreshing experience.
Bubble Tea
That’s Tapioca at the top here, the bubbles that are responsible to take the fun part one notch above. Tapioca or Sabudana, bears a lot of health benefits as well. High muscle growth, Blood Pressure regulator and energy booster, it is so complementary to the the refreshing fruity flavoured tea based beverage.
Calorie Count : 220/500ml (excluding about 60-90 calories of toppings)

A quick rundown of Dr. Bubbles with its founder Mr. Adnan Sarkar

There’s is no rule these days to enter in a product / segment or industry. So was you industry any similar or entirely different?

Adnan Sarkar

I have been in the Hospitality industry since 15 years. It’s been a nice journey running various Bars and Restaurants & full-fledged hotels successfully. I totally enjoy it.

Is Dr Bubbles out of the passion for tea or something else? How was your journey till you conceived this sweet and bubbly beverage idea to be launched?

Dr Bubbles was inspired after looking for Love of this concept in other parts of the world and noticing a big gap in refreshments in the Indian Market in which there are no healthy alternatives and seeing the potential we started out with a small store at Hill Road in which we started perfecting the menu and getting it balanced to the Indian palate after which we decided to expand.

What adds ‘Dr.’ to the brand name Dr. Bubbles?

There are 2 meanings to it-
1. Every product we have has some or the other health benefits to it.
2. As the whole menu is a ‘Do it yourself menu, as a customer, you feel like a doctor making his own concoctions 😉 ’

When a person is exhausted, A cup of traditional hot tea / A glass of fruit infused tea i.e. Dr. Bubbles, What goes perfect?

The product is perfect for the Indian climate which for eg: if you are in a shopping area, a mall or a high street and you are exhausted, rather than taking an unhealthy cola, you can quench your thirst with a healthy iced green tea which is healthy and refreshing at the same time with pops of bubble which will surprise and awaken you with every sip.

Is Tapioca healthy and safe to be consumed in pregnancy as well?

Tapioca is made from an ‘au natural’ ingredient.

When generation is going healthy and it is said caffeine to some extent helps athletes. So is Bubble Tea recommendable to sports person as well?

Bubble tea is a much healthier and a refreshing alternative to most of the Beverage brands out there.

There is a variety of components used in making of Bubble Tea, can you sum them up to the Bubble Tea?

Whole Tea Leaves+ Natural Flavours + Popping Bubbles

Best thing about Bubble Tea according to you?

The Surprise in every Sip you take irrespective of the new flavours you choose everytime.

Have you incorporated a differentiator to your outlets?

Our Store is based on a very Quirky and a retro theme rather than most brands which are going modern. The feel of our stores is very casual so that the customer feels comfortable and the interior and the product makes the ‘Differentiator’.


The origins of bubble tea are found in Taiwan, where the drink was invented in the early 1980’s which later spread rapidly to other Asian countries before sneaking through the back door of the China Towns all over North American and Australia. After back-breaking research and mouth-watering analysis, It was in the year 2015, Mr. Adnan Sarkar presented Dr. Bubbles (authentic Taiwanese Bubble Tea) in India and have received a good response since inception. With a ‘base’ of green tea, rich with antioxidants, fruit teas served here are infused with natural fruit flavourings, as are the milk teas which some people describe as a nudge along the evolutionary scale towards a milkshake.

Relish your tastebuds, Be a food lover and Explorer. Keep a note of this fitness food ingredient that your binge of trying more wont regret. Get Recharged.

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