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Meditation – Ruling Your Health & Emotions

International Yoga Day would be the perfect day undoubtedly to inculcate a healthy lifestyle. Meditation is another side of the coin which works wonders in your healing and leading an overall healthy and positive life. Know more about same and be enlightened.


Planetary Peace Meditation is the foundation  of all other meditations because it activates the Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra. One of the fastest paths to evolve spiritually and bringing a transformation in internal conditions of self. Not only you are filled with Light, Hope and Strength but you become a Spiritual Conductor and elevated soul away from inner hatred and anger.

We are living in an ocean of life energy filled with energy beings. When you do this meditation you transform despair into hope and doubt into faith, you find that even in difficult situations you are filled with great strength. Transforming Darkness into Light and Sadness into Joy fills you internally with Light and inner joy. When you seek to console you are filled with light, love and Power instead of wallowing in your own mud, in your own selfish misery and pain.


Learn How It Helps You:

Physical Transformation


Increased energy levels & reduced exhaustion

Increased immunity & Stamina

Sense of Well Being

Charismatic Personality


Emotional Transformation



Amplified Inner Power

Sense of Inner Peace & Calmness

Courage & Confidence



Harmony in Relationships


Mental Transformation


Sharper & Clear Mind



Reduced need for Medical Care & Health Insurance Claims


Spiritual Transformation

Just growth. No end to that.


Credit: Yoga Prana Vidya

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Shailja is an authorized trainer in Yoga Prana Vidya. Having witnessed the healing of this vidya miraculously in her own life, it became her mission to carry the baton. People from various field including Engineers, Chartered Accountant, Entrepreneurs, Students, Housewives and many more have benefitted from her energy healing.
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