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Most Useful Yoga Asanas – You Must Not Live Without


By the lifestyle we citiites are living, we are missing out the charm of our lives by loosing our health. Cancer, Obesity, Asthma, Arthritis, Depression, have become too common from a child to an adult to an age old person. Missing out the preventive medicine i.e. yoga is the pretext. By the time we get the determination to start up with yoga, extremities had already been reached. Cogitation about the need of Yoga and its application at every age is a matter of consideration.

Uthhita Yog Asana


For the young ones :

Increased flexibility in the body

Better metabolism

Healthy body growth.

For the middle aged : 

Prevents stiffness in the body

Keeps you active

Prevents numbness of body parts

Keeps joints moving.

For the old ones :

Helpful much in the moment of lower body

Helps maintain the strength of the body.


 Ardha Chandrasana

For the young ones :

Increases the sense of responsibility and discipline.

For the middle aged :

Maintains the flow of body

Leads to a balanced lifestyle.

For the old ones :

A little tricky but is much useful for maintaining the strength of knees and ankles.


Janusirsasana Yoga

For the young ones :

Balances stomach fat

Makes the body flexibility

Enhancing their concentration levels.

For the middle aged:

Stimulating liver and kidney

Effectively beats anxiety and depression.

For the old ones :

Brings flexibility in shoulders, hamstrings and groins

Also for females, it relieves in hormonal imbalances.


Urdhva Yoga

For the young ones:

Erases lethargies from the body

Ignites the spark of creativity

Keeps cleaning blood.

For the middle aged :  key to lead a golden life

Helps in sexual arousal

Balancing the heart

Maintains the functioning of the whole body.

For the old ones : 

Helps cure asthma

Strengthens shoulders

Good for heart

Cleanses blood

Keeps kidneys healthy

In short, best for the old ones to adapt for a healthy body.


Bharadvajasana Yoga

For the young ones : True Bliss

Creates peace for both mind and body

Works immensely for spines, shoulders and hips.

For the middle aged : A must do posture

Stress buster

Good for pregnant women as it strengthens lower back.

Fold the old ones : A helpful friend

Improves digestion

Strengthens abdominal muscles


With these amazing yoga asanas, this International Yoga Day, start the year afresh for you and your family and take a Yoga Resolution. After all, you deserve to stay healthy & happy.


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