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Pollution and Unhealthy Street Food

We all love to eat out occasionally, and it includes eating street food from the street vendors. No doubt it is tasty and attractive and at the same time lip-smacking. But have you ever thought about the drawbacks of consuming these foods. Is street food always bad? Do you have any alternate food choice when you don’t have much cooking time?


Street Food
Crazily Addictive Maharashtrian Food



Street foods are easy and quick food items sold by the roadside by different vendors, as the name clearly depicts. Food by the street itself is the unhealthiest thing to consume. With rising pollution levels, automobile emissions, dust, pollen, allergens, flies, pests and what not directly settle on these foods and we directly consume them from there.

So Is it always required to avoid street food?

  • Street food are high on Trans Fats

As most of the street foods are deep fried, the same oil is repeatedly used to fry and that too for some days continuously. The quality of oil used have already high saturated fats, as the vendors choose cheaper ones to use and repeated using it for frying increases trans-fatty acids in the food.

Street Fried Food


These are dangerous since the body cannot process them and clogs our arteries, it causes health issues like cancer, cardio         vascular diseases and diabetes.

  • High on Sodium Contents

In order to enhance the flavor and increase the shelf-life of the food sold by the street, vendors use excess salt. High consumption of salt can lead to hypertension and other related diseases.

  • A leading cause of Gastro Infections

By eating street food you get exposed to germs, harmful pollutants and bacteria which leads to gastrointestinal infections in us. Unhygienic handling of food and unhealthy conditions of the street foods are a major cause. This infection causes diarrhea and vomiting. People with weaker immunity can have more serious health problems.

Needless to state for the reasons above, street food is definitely unhealthy and you should always avoid it!

Have you ever imagined that whenever you munch on street food you tend to get stomach upset or a bloated belly?

The fact is that street food vendors use a lot of cooking soda in their food items in order to cook easy and preserve them throughout the day and heat and reheat as per customer. The soda produces carbon dioxide in the body causing bloating and stomach upsets.

There is always a choice available to our habits. We form habits over the time yet the fact is that we have our own capability to form them again. Only thing is that you need to decide first whether a short term flavour is more important to you or a healthy lifestyle. 

We live in a polluted environment and get exposed to all its adversities. By ensuring that we avoid what is unhealthy and take what is healthy we can have a healthy and active life.

If you have any questions from the dietitian or have your own experience to share, do comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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