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How To Lower A High Blood Pressure Without Medicine

Onset of winters give warm welcome to celebrations, vacations, treasuring the warmth with an extra hour of sleep however winters make it also a good ground for few health concerns. One of them, that seeks high attention, remains to be on top of list i.e. High Blood Pressure (Hypertension). Especially raising the need for an extra care of the elderly ones, it equally needs attention from all age people if high blood pressure is what they have been encountering. Good thing is that it can be most easily handled with few nutrition tips and dietary management.


Fit Lifestyle

Blood Pressure is positively related to body weight. Losing weight healthily leads to lowering blood pressure. Hence, it is advised to keep a 30-40 minute cardio exercise,  be it jogging, cycling, aerobics, dance, swimming or just walking part of your routine and keep a weight check.

Low Sodium

No salt for High Blood Pressure, that’s what we all know. You just need to ration your salt intake to a 5g limit a day. It may be measured as per your physical activities and sweating pattern. Don’t assume that you always need to be less on salt because a High BP patient can be detected with a low sodium as well. Hence keep it checked.

Healing and Healthy Diet

Perfect days to indulge in fruity bash, loaded salad trays, and a whole grain meal. Merge it with low saturated and low on cholesterol will help lowering BP by upto 14mm Hg. This will also help keeping a weight control hence working wonders both ways.

Go Mineral

Potassium helps lowering the impact of sodium. Try plums, musk melons, bananas, spinach, avocado, mushroom instead of taking any supplements.

Check what you buy

While buying packaged food or ready snacks, do check the labels to read the amount of sodium, saturated fats and cholesterol you’re going to devour.

No Drink No Smoke, But Wait

We know it as a thumb rule not to indulge in consuming alcohol when you wish to treat you High Blood Pressure without much trouble. On the contrary, limiting the intake can lower the BP by 2-4 mm Hg. A beer 350ml, wine 145 ml, an 80-proof liquor not more than 30ml a day is just the maximum advised limit, if you have to do it.

A Cigarette however has nothing to benefit you. No Way!

Addiction Cut

It’s not just alcohol or smoke that cause addiction and act adversely on BP, even the coffee lovers have to monitor how caffeine is acting on them. You can check the reading within 30 min from drinking a cup of coffee and see how its treating you. An increase by 5-10mm Hg states you’re sensitive to caffeine.

It is important to note that, checking the blood pressure and finding it high or low requires a visit your physician and reconfirm the same. Just one reading may not be sufficient and a reading on different days can only make it more clear and accurate.

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