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World Health Day 2017

If You’re Not Expressive You May Be Suffering Silently

When on 7th April we talk about World Health Day, we consider one such problem, one theme that’s hitting globally. This year’s theme has been depression. Do note that consideration doesn’t limit to the day itself but its the beginning of your attention towards it. Beginning of a thoughtful attention and expression. Depression is not even a disease but actually a state of mind. That’s the reason it can occur from a child to an adult, anybody, anytime.

So, what should we know about depression?

Coughing more than 2 weeks and Sadness more than 2 weeks calls for an attention. Loss of Interest, Not enjoying things that you do, unwillingness to go out and take part in things, can be signs of depression, making it an illness for you.

Loss of Energy

Increase of decrease of Appetite

Sleeping excessively more or less

Poor concentration

All self demeaning thoughts

When above symptoms occur for a longer period or repeatedly, the person needs medical help and care.

Can depression be treated without medical help?

As we mentioned, depression becomes an illness however its a state of mind. Mind can be trained, guided and controlled. So consciousness is the answer to treating this illness. Alert people can do it for themselves too.

Talking to someone

Sometimes when its blue, its not so easy to talk to someone about how we feel. Try these unusual ways that many have tried for good, talking to pets, plants. Try and extend a hand to senior citizens strolling in the garden. They have experience, stories and words to offer. Talk to children playing around. You will definitely feel better.

Friends and Family

The same people you meet occasionally and have a great time together. Well said, No communication No relationship. Though relationships never end but fade. So revive them by meeting friends and family especially when you don’t want to. Make a list of people you ever used to meet and choose one best you feel you would want to meet. Keep doing it every week.

Exercise Regularly

True, that sounds really difficult when you don’t want to do it. So what? Exercise is not just what we learnt in gym or during physical education formally. Grow up! Challenge your creative self! Every task is an exercise. Its just that when we call it an exercise, we mean discipline. So make it a discipline to walk once in your block or the garden everyday. You got nothing to do and nowhere to go? Still plan to ride in a public transport, the bus, the metro. Looking at people, observing things around, falling in new situations and dealing with them, is therapeutic. If you can step up and step down two steps at a time. Run to catch the train even if you have nowhere to go. Go to a children’s park. Hang to the monkey bar.

Well, its only limited to your imagination. So just don’t stop it.

Regular Eating Habits

You don’t feel like to eat or you feel like to eat more. Don’t let yourself succumb to the situation so easily. If you feel more hungry, eat little extra only and if you feel less hungry, do eat little. Go against your temptations even though a bit. However keeping a check on nutrition and calories while changing your menu shall help you. Eat what you like to eat. Eat what you used to like to eat as a child.

A little disinterest in doing regular things can be a sign that you need a break for yourself. It is recommended to go out and plan an adventure or just a date with yourself to the community park or a ride. However not always the person suffering from depression comes to think about it. At that time, we need our friends and families to think about us.

Horn OK Please

Don’t underestimate a child or a teenager when he/she shows signs which are not usual and match to the mentioned above. Don’t assume that children will always be okey. They face a lot of pressure while growing up. World is new to them and they need your constant support and vision. Not just to set their limits but to break them free from glitches.

Don’t overestimate an adult, a senior citizen. Adults believe so strongly that they can take care of themselves but they need someone to check their happiness too. And senior citizens, when reach their most experienced stage, mostly they lose their independence financially or physically. This is a huge factor responsible to deprive them of their happiness. Give them love and you will be loved back. They are truly easy to handle if you have little wisdom.


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Remember: Often the diseased is taken to the doctor, giving assistance and taken care. Similarly, symptoms of depression also have to be noticed by others, and not the diseased, and taken care of.

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