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Air Pollution Masks No Longer Need To Be Conservative. Height of Innovation!

November passed, Diwali passed and we thought pollution is also outdated now. After all, no news channels have been covering it, it should surely be over! But No! There is a Big No to the clear air so far. Back in November, between 1st-9th November, the worst visualisation of smog was seen. Where on 7th November PM 2.5 levels shot upto 999mg from the recommended levels of 60mg, while PM 10 levels shot upto 999 instead of 100 recommended levels. Visibility reduced to only 200 metres approx.

Our Ready Buffet

How you come to know whether the pollution really exists or is it pure fog and awaited winters only that you’re witnessing. Check any of these symptoms you might encounter, Breathlessness, Chest Constriction, Irritation in Eyes, Asthma or Allergy. Although those travelling most of their day, those encountering traffic on the way to and back from work, those riding the nightmare on two wheelers can easily tell you that the pollution hasn’t left you anywhere alone. This I can tell from my personal experience when I forgot my air pollution mask this weekend and the ride was a buffet of particulates, volatile organic compounds, lead, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide.

What’s Your Swag?

Time and around we like to pick something or the other and make part of our swag. There was a time once upon when masks were worn to prevent others when you were ill or a recommended wearable while visiting hospitals but when you’re living among such toxic and deadly emission and breathing it everyday, perhaps inside the hospitals you would be spared with a far cleaner air. Wear a cap, carry your shades, accessorise any way you wish to but do pick the air pollution mask while stepping out because you can keep your home clean and pure but outside works nothing else than your own breathing mask.

Hows that a swag?…

Because it’s made so! Atlanta Healthcare.


Yes, Atlanta Healthcare has taken up this need to be served as something willingly acceptable and welcomed. What distinguishes the masks produced by them is

The cloth / Filters – what many might know is that, the cloth that we see in a breathing mask / air pollution mask is all about it. It has the filters that matters to the quality of air we inhale through. So as explained by Vibhor Jain, CEO Atlanta Healthcare the cloth in their masks have 3 fine layers or better say, 3 layer filters stopping almost 100% pollutants, as claimed. Normally we’re introduced to the pollution and pollutants at PM10 and PM2.5; the filters used in this masks removes Particulate Matter as small as PM0.3!!

Atlanta CEO

You’re going to get addicted to a cleaner air after using this!

The Military Grade Attention – Carbon is what filters pollutants and cleans our pores through our facewash but thats perhaps not sufficient. So these masks are made of carbon but Military Grade Carbon Filters invented by UK’s Ministry of Defense, with 25 times smaller filament pores than the standard carbon material.

air pollution

Chose your protection level.

Your Design – Don’t need to lose your identity. Because Atlanta masks are given various design, patterns and colors you can chose from. They even customize! Isn’t that special!!

Your Fit – Every face has different shape, different nose, different everything and so is your mask size, a different for each of you. So you get a choice to pick a size from XS-XL that’s easy to select even while ordering online because it generally varies as per your body weight.

Body Weight            Mask Size

6-10 Kg                               XS

11-32Kg                               S

33-64Kg                              M

65-89Kg                              L

90+Kg                                XL

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air pollution mask

Exhale at Ease – If you’re still not convinced to switch the way you breathe, just because you’ve experienced the moisture these kind of masks build inside when you breathe or because it was just not so airy inside, then Relax! Cambridge Masks by Atlanta Healthcare come from no valves to one valve to two valves. You chose the valves depending upon your personal preference and more importantly as per your physical activity. Exhaling at ease it as important as Inhaling. So mind it!


“I carry my look and my feel even in the most polluted city with Atlanta Air Pollution Masks, because if I can be the best person to care about myself. You’re free to decide about you. Take Care!”











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