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How Many Days It Takes To Lose Weight Actually

After practising an entire decade of laziness and junk food, sun is rising to a healthy lifestyle. From catching up a brunch to quickly grabbing something healthy for breakfast is becoming a reality. Nothing really stops you when you really want to do something. Maintaining fitness is not just a dream but a need for all. However this is important to know that achieving a goal becomes easy and accurate with the help of a mentor.


Lets talk about how to lose weight and how much time it takes to lose weight today. There can be lot many reasons of gaining weight. Excessive eating, Compulsive eating, Skipping meals (especially breakfast) and many other.

Our fitness expert, Gagan Sharma answers a basic but most asked question while one joins gym. So here it goes

Ques : How much time will it take to lose weight?

Expert Speak : If you really want to know in how much time you will lose weight then ask yourself. The fact is that, it won’t be on a real ground to state or foretell this thing. Everyone has different body type and different stamina. Taking work from your body is all up to you and so are the results. Moreover we can only state this on the basis of the amount of regular contribution that you give to your workout. Once you start working out, you come to know gradually how much your body is able to absorb and work along for you. 

Hence, it’ll be just a myth if someone claims to reduce your weight with a set target in a set time period. All the efforts that you put in will be awarded as the desired results.

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Gagan Sharma
Gagan Sharma from India, Fitness Trainer by passion. Gagan has done couple of courses from India. Personal Fitness Trainer, Aerobic, Step & gym ball from Reebok Alliance, Bosu certification from Bosu personal Training certification, Bodypump from Lesmills for a fitter planet, Core blast, functional training, crossfit from G.F.F.I academy.
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