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Clean Planet Is Not A Dream, If You Choose To Live It

Talk about Health and what comes first to your mind, is Healthy Food, Healthy n Fresh Vegetable or Fruits, Hygienic Home and a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle. There are many small things though, that you everyday take care of, for your  healthy habits and a happy you. As a matter of fact, we can hardly afford to forget about the products we choose to use. Hygienic Products rather! No matter how cautious you be with everything, if the environment you’re living in and the products that you use are not giving you a clean planet, you can’t zero it out to a healthy you.

Health Begins In The Kitchen, Let it be the Right Way!

We make sure to choose quality vegetables and food items but most likely we don’t think much over after selecting them and while bringing them home. It’s nothing else but the plastic pouches & bags that we use to carry them home, more likely. There would be plenty of excuses to welcome these havoc. You get to use them many ways after all and moreover ITS FREE!


If we notice, its Nature that has given us things for free, for our well being. When we start intrusion, reasons to think about stopping the destructive consequences are bound to be searched for.


Spoil yourself with these lovely healthy cuties

Its time to pamper you. You don’t deserve a future full of plastic material around you waiting to be decomposed. Sad part is that our civic sense waits until things are imposed on us. Habits make you and Habits only fake you. A small habit of using digital method on spending makes money work more and righteously. A small habit of using eco-friendly bags pull you out of the vicious plastic zone.

eco-friendly storage
A Style To Please Your Veggies And Your Eyes Same Time 🙂

Editor’s Say:

Using vege pouch received from Clean Planet was not something I was already looking for. Nevertheless I’m a 99.99% a no plastic person when it comes to shopping bags but I was okey in keeping vegetables in my fridge wrapped in paper if required or in a box or just like that without any wrapping. Using Eco Veggie was required to give a genuine say though.

This has to be kidding me, a capsicum that I kept cut, half used, was intact with its moisture and just the proper skin even after One, Two, Three, Four, … well looks like its going to be same fresh forever but I have to use it now.


Don’t think much Just get it from: Amazon

Clean Planet is not just a Dream, If you start Living it Everyday!!

Clean Planet is one such entrepreneurship, working towards cleaner environment in trendy and simple way. An All Women company, has now introduced Eco Veggie storage bags for your food items In & Outside the fridge. Its a 100% cotton storage bag, wonderfully designed to suit your style, with an ability to keep your vegetables fresh for longer.

Eco Veggie
Make A Society Possible Where Each Woman Is Empowered!

Things are coming back from old days because we’re stating to realize we’ve caused much n enough damage to our environment.

So, you don’t need to have any guilt of accepting the free plastic bags just to store your supplies and dispose them causing a poisonous future for years to come.

What Eco Veggie Offers You?

  • Easily washable & reusable storage bag
  • Unbleached and 100% cotton, keeping your supplies fresher for longer
  • Delightful & cool prints to suit your style
  • More air circulation to absorb any extra moisture
  • and, A plastic free zone, where food stored in them are not at all harmed by the chemicals that may leach into them.
  • In addition, you become the reason of promoting an eco-friendly industry and upliftment of the women from Rural India, who are core part of Clean Planet team.



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