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Most Simple and Best Tricks to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Life is changing and so are mosquitoes! It’s little difficult now to fool them around and no matter how many Hit you hit, they keep coming. Chikungunya is scaring more than Conjuring now. It seems strange to see that most of people, lay themselves dependent on destiny or the will of mosquito to sting them or spare them.

All the sprays and coils including other mosquito repellent become part of grocery every season, yet what we get it strong foul smell with some health hazards. Besides, its not advisable to use these around your food or in kitchen at all.

Keeping the concern really important, we’ve concluded few remedies you can easily follow and surprise this ugly intruder everyday, to keep at bay.


Aromatic Camphor

Camphor or कपूर – The highly aromatic Camphor not just keeps your surroundings smell pleasant but also proves to be highly effective in keeping the mosquitoes away.

Interesting part is that, keeping the camphor around is easy, as you just need to crush it and keep it in a bowl of water. You can carry it in any small plastic box and keep it around in your office or home or even school.


Heat few cubes of camphor in baby oil and apply, then roam in the garden or picnic in the park, freely.

Next trick with camphor is to use it in your old mat machine. Idea is to spread the fragrance.

camphor mosquitoes

And that’s a double hit when you use Vicks VapoRub, cures cold and even keeps mosquitoes away. It contains camphor.

Neem Oil

Neem has healing properties. Good news is that simply applying neem oil works equally well to keep mosquitoes away as any medicated ointment would do.

neem oil

If you don’t want to apply, just light a deepak / diya with neem oil, that will suffice to protect the surroundings.

Any kind of skin irritations will also be treated in bonus.

Start liking Garlic now

Garlic is good for bones, cures cold naturally, helps in regulating high blood pressure, treats high cholestrol, contains antioxidants, said to be helpful in improving athletic performance, detoxifies your body BUT Mosquitoes don’t like it.


Good for us!

Use the garlic juice directly over your body if you like, else dip cotton strips in this juice and place in the corners, hang behind curtains, eliminating any chances for mosquitoes to hide there.




It’s eucalyptus widely used in mosquito repellents. If you’re the one who likes to keep home filled with aromas and prefers keeping aroma candles then substitute eucalyptus oil in place of any other aroma oils for this season. That’s a win win both ways.

Eat Coconut and Burn Rest

coconut husk

Eating coconut is immensely good for health. Now you can eat coconut and burn the coconut fibres/husk in or around your house. This does not harm you, smells good and even bring out all the mosquitoes of your house.

You can burn dried neem leaves also for the same.


Pamper These Plants

Marigold – It smells good, looks awesome, repels mosquitoes and even protects tomato plants from insects.

Lemon Grass – This is the plant used to extract citronella oil, commonly used in mosquito repellents. Looks good.

Lavender – Plant lavenders, gift lavender flowers, use them in puja, keep them around to keep mosquitoes and even flies away.

Neem – Simplest uses that can be easily practiced is crush neem to make a paste and apply on your skin, boil the leaves in water and wash your hair and in addition it will itself keep the mosquitoes away.

Tulsi – Worship tulsi or not, Respect this freshly fragrant plant for its immense benefits. Antibacterial, Antibiotic, your buddy in fever, cold when in your tea. Even beats diabetes. And for sure it keeps mosquitoes far far away.


Best way is to keep your windows and balconies filled with these plants. Following above mentioned all the methods, there is no chance you catch mosquito bite in your home or outside.

Secret behind using most of mosquito repellents is, the smell of our body attracts mosquitoes so these strong pungent smell is used as a bait. However there is no point of buying chemicals in the name of protecting us but eventually harming our own self. Best way is to stick to natural, these are easily available, less expensive, smell good and don’t add to any breathing problems.

So enjoy the arriving cool breeze and lovely weather without mosquitoes.




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