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6 Important Health Tips For Your 30s

No one can stay young forever, but one can stay fit. As soon as you reach thirty the body meets changes and expect the same from you too. Women by 30s stay busy in managing their career, family, kids neglecting crucial elements which cost a lot in future. On the other hand, metabolism gets slow and fat gets accumulated by this time. A majority of women face issues with bone density too.

Count till six…….

Start doing the things you love


Do spread the love but start with yourself, and when you love yourself you must gift sessions of regular exercise or a diet plan. Remember one thing! One plan doesn’t fit all. Create your own experience. Eat food that maintains the bones strong and healthy. Add a good amount of calcium, vitamin and mineral rich food that boosts your strength.

Notice the change and Act accordingly

Changes are common in the body and this is not restricted to bones, skin or health. Every aspect requires essential care.


Delay Ageing Process through proper hydration.

Start with a good breakfast and add plenty of greens to your diet.

Get enough sleep, adequate time for workouts and nutritional diet as this help in enjoying 30’s happily.

Start workouts

Start the workouts that help in maintaining your posture and health. Good health habits support in preventing the medical visits and the perfect workouts helps in enhancing the mood. Make enough time to take part in some physical activity of your choice as this helps in preventing various health issues.


  • The tailored exercises like the Plank push up, Side lying leg scissors and brisk walk even strengthen the body.
  • Yoga is one of the destress methods and teaches flexibility.
  • Pranayam, the child pose, chair pose, plank pose, boat pose are worthy as these strains the muscles in the right way.


Keep an eye on metabolism

The biggest mistake a majority of women who start the adulthood do is to ignore their metabolism. Neglecting the metabolic slowdown causes much inconvenience and one must identify the reason behind it. Keep a track on the family medical history. Along with all responsibilities take good care of the health issues and get regular checkups.

Add calorie rich food to your diet includes leafy greens and yoghurt. 

Your Skin Needs You More Now

The skin needs are not same for people who are entering in 30’s and due to this one must add a few new things. *Start using lotions and moisturizers that suits you and follow natural methods as this supports in restoring the glow and charm.


  • Take good care of your skin, eyes, feet along with every part as proper maintenance offers better relaxation.
  • Regular application of the aloe vera nourishes the skin.
  • Give a simple massage with olive oil, honey, yoghurt, almond oil as this makes the skin wrinkle free and clean.
  • Treat wrinkles and patches on the skin and maintain it softly with frequent application of turmeric and neem.


Deal emotions carefully

Everyone has emotions and a few are actually harmful. Stress and anxiety ruin the happiness of the life. It is essential to rest and get enough sleep as this helps in gaining a better lifestyle. With adequate sleep, it is easy to deal with anger and stay happy even with a hectic schedule.



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