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10 Age Busters You Must Adapt When You’re Still Young

Do you wanna stay young? For as long as possible? Who would say, ‘NO, I don’t care!’ Is there any right age to start thinking about it? What exactly is staying young? Like caring for your skin and look good and glow? Let me make it clear first of all and this is MOST IMPORTANT, that this Age Buster article is not for the ones entering into their middle age or old age. Every year when you feel overwhelmed by those gifts and lovely birthday wishes, you’re ageing. Besides, this article is not about Beauty or the superficial looks that you should be caring about. This is is about staying fit and healthy all the time so you’re young with the best of your health and best of your spirits (beauty will also follow and that’s just a small perk, believe me).

These 10 simple To-Dos, when included in your everyday life, are sure to make your life happy, healthy and you more fit and young.

10 Laughter

Have you seen people laughing aimlessly as a therapy? No, they’re not crazy or idle. They are staying young. People who laugh more get their time to worry rationed, because they’re busy with laughing. Besides, psychologists say that laughter increases endorphins. Endorphins are feel good hormones and so laughter would be like injecting happiness to your life. As simple as that!

9 Sleep


Sleep is the state where you Rest Relax and Repair! Imagine when you’re ever woken up aloud WAKE UP!!!! Just not the ideal types! No, No Way!!! Sleep and a good sleep helps with anti-ageing. Regenerates your skin cells, relaxes your face muscles. It’s during the stages of sleep only where tissues are repaired and where growth of human is made.

When you’re disoriented, cranky, lack to put up things right, think whether you’re sleeping enough.

You really gotta sleep!

Besides, did you know women need to sleep more? Wake up to sleep more 😉

8 Nutrition


Most people think that nutrients, vitamins and minerals are just a category at health store. They’re so wrong! Its what drives your bio-chemistry. Its gas in your tank when it comes to health. Ever knew that food that are ageing and bad for you are refined- sugar, salt, refined fats. Anything that’s refined is bad for you, Nutritionist Christine Avanti reveals.

Fast Food, a big NO! It only drives you faster towards ageing.

7 Sex

sex and age

That’s healthy, that’s important, yes we know it, don’t we?! It’s upto you truly, chose it once or twice a week or more than that but do it and enjoy it cause This Is Healthy! Do make sure that a healthy relationship and likewise environment is most important for a rewarding sex.

Oysters, Chocolates, Blueberries and Exercise are all said to be good for a great sex.

6 Green Tea

green tea

You’ll find many many articles on how healthy is green tea. Some even say that it’s hyped by the industry. Yet it’s believed to be liquid age buster. Increases hormones and good for metabolic rate. It has anti-oxidants that help in getting rid of free radicals blamed to constantly damaging your skin. Green tea increases muscle cells and boosts metabolism. So now No Latte but tea, Green Tea.

Pre or post use, use it as eye bags, works wonderfully to remove those under eye bags.

5 Meditation


Does meditation sound time taking or boring to you? It won’t be when you know spending time in a hot bath is also a sort of meditation and how about just walking with your own self with no gadgets, just peace.

Meditation basically defuses any possibility of stress or chronic stress ultimately leading to age signs. Core idea is to just be with yourself, leave all stuff in mind aside for some time and get complete rest.

4 Skin Care 


Here we can chant Remove Repair Protect. Make up, pollution, smog, dust and even the sun collects radicals, which are enough to damage your skin, changes it natural colour, weakens it and makes it saggy. So care for your skin regularly, Exfoliate! Exfoliating is amazing in fact.

Using avocado, milk, lemon juice, vitamin E is all good besides using the products used to care for your skin. No Smoking is the key to stay young. Keep your skin hydrated, Moisturise. Using a clay mask is also a good change for the skin.

ps: Men need it too!!!!! They have big pores!

3 Exercise


You will have to find time for exercise or you’ll be losing all the golden time and reach that wrinkled age really fast. Exercise reduces your body fat. Cardio and Strength training is something you must include in your daily workout. Even if you can’t give it a scheduled dedication, make sure to just Play, Run Around, Climb Stairs. Guys Cleaning House is also rewarding, a great exercise. Also, sex is again a great exercise.

When you exercise, you sweat and that drains toxins from your body. Study shows, that exercise is a great anti depressant that works better than any anti depressants consumed in a long run.

2 Brain Games

brain games

Kids or Adults, those who play games and rather brain games will never touch ageing. Staying active at brain improves concentration, improves memory. So Use it or Lose it! So use your brain, if you really wanna keep it.

Play chess, crossword, word game or anything to do with using strategy.

… when was last you played a game? Get spoiled 😀 That’s not at all so. Just go for it!

1 H2O 


Make yourself Wet! Over 60% of us is water, Remember that! Of course, You are what you eat, You are what you drink, in any case most of you is Water. It is gift of life and it is gift of anti-ageing too. When you’re dehydrated you reach in a real serious condition. Your skin gets dry, you start having those dandruff flakes on your scalp and skin too, your kidneys stop function, you wrinkle more, your heart rate goes up. It deals with your hyper eating disorders. When you drink a gallon of water, you’re not going to eat as much.

It’s also important for a great lubrication. When you’re less on water, you get joint pains too. It’s recommended to drink at least 16cups of water a day.

If you’re not ready to drink so much of water as water, no worries there’re other ways of consuming water too. Eat plants, vegetables, fruits, add lemon or flavours to your water sometime.

But, Soda is not water, remember that. Only drawback to drinking lot of water is, you’re going to pee all the time. So what? Water is life.

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