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Want To Reduce Weight For A Wedding Approaching Soon?

Being a Fitness Trainer I meet all sorts of people with different expectations and goals for their body. There are people looking to get toned, few looking to gain muscle and a whole bunch of people looking to reduce weight. This is something I feel people really need to clear their mindset. Targeting to reduce weight can be achieved by many homely methods also, which goes without consultation or guidance. That’s where it can be a risky affair also.

My Favourite Party Dress Doesn’t Fit Me Anymore.

It’s an upcoming wedding in the family, or of your own self. You are looking to achieve certain weight that you believe is ok for you. Only resort you aim at is losing weight in this situation.


That’s typically what we all do right? After all, if we’re out of shape or growing from just anywhere, it must be back to normal after losing weight. But NO. BIG NO! Now don’t be surprised to know that you might not need to reduce your weight to fit in that either.

Help Me Reduce Weight

First of all, you need to know whether it’s weight loss you need or inch loss. A person with muscles and a person who has never been to gym or never been exposed to fitness can possibly be of same weight. Difference is that, the obese person or the one not exposed to fitness will be heavy due the fats in his body. Blame the fat for showing the raised weight and so focus on burning the fat, which is done by inch loss. Inch loss may not result in a weight loss necessarily but will help you fit in your dress pretty well.

Approaching a consultant or fitness trainer helps you treat your body and health sensible. Don’t be mean and learn how to be a wise fitness follower. Send in your queries and worries and get them answered by Gagan Sharma, Fitness Expert.

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Gagan Sharma
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