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Not All The Protein You Eat Is What You Need

Losing weight and staying healthy is on top of our health list most of the times. Protein is responsible for our good hair, nourished skin, strong bones, muscles, cartilage and blood. It helps to build & repair tissues and also makes enzymes and hormones. That’s a lot to tell how much we need the protein. However randomly picking protein diet is also not a good choice. There is a good protein called lean protein and other protein that contains fat as well. So best way to chose good protein is to look for less fat and less calories in your diet.

Fish, Chicken and Turkey, Beef (Lean), Eggs, Low Fat Dairy, Beans, Lentils, Peas are all great source of protein and that too lean protein.

Tips for Non-vegans



Loin protein
Pork Loin


When you wish to go for Beef or Chicken, better go for loin. You won’t have to think which part is giving you lean protein and which fat. Bodybuilding tips recommend sirloin and tenderloin to get lowest fat cuts.

Skip The Skin

You may find your dish crunchy, yummily greasy because of the skin. But that bears the most of fat, no matter what kind of fat it is. A low fat diet means as less fat as possible. Hence, going for the white meat is rather advisable.

White Meat vs Dark Meat

Dark meat which is in wings and thighs bear more fats along with the high amount of protein. White meat which is present in breast is healthier and contains least fat and gives you lean protein.

Tips for Vegans


Where many rush to non-veg diet to fulfil the need for protein, fact is that increasing number of people are going vegan to get their protein requirement fulfilled. Coming to lean protein, some good low fat diet will be tofu, beans, legumes, nuts and sprouts. tofu

Beans, peas and lentils are packed with lots of fiber and so is a good pack of healthy nutrition, keeping you leaner and fuller.


No Leg Rule ! … Interesting

That’s not a thumb rule but still works pretty well. Let’s look at the best to at least good ones.

Plant Protein – No Legs                 – Best Lean Protein

Fish                    – No Legs but fins  – Good Protein

Poultry              – Two Legs              – Fairly Lean Protein

Cows & Pigs    – Four Legs             – Lesser Lean Protein

However, shrimp have 10 legs and octopuses have 8 legs but they’re both very lean. Deer and Bison are much leaner than cattle pals.

ps: Anything lean, leaner or leanest, when fried it does add fat. You can develop your taste for grilled, boiled, steamed, roasted or sautéed dishes.

Indian foods are traditionally on higher side of calorie. Very rarely you find lean protien food, unless you are cooking. One can also opt for replacing regular oil with olive oil or coconut oil.


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