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What Happens If You Have To Quit Gym

Joining a gym takes dedication and concern towards one’s health and fitness. But it may take just one wrong information to stay away from your dream of staying fit. Many people, who come across, with a curiosity of joining gym have this fear. So it becomes most important to answer it first of all. When journey will begin, more solutions and more achievements will come your way.

If I must discontinue gym, will I gain even more weight?

So the answer is a Big No! There is no such outright rule that you will definitely gain weight just because you left the gym. There is a reason behind whatever changes take place.. Equal & Opposite..! Well, more o less so. Do remember, you worked hard after joining gym. A lot of changes have come to your muscles, and lot of fat you have lost following the guided diet.

Culprit#1 You start rising late in the mornings.

Culprit#2 Your workout is compromised.

Culprit#3 Your diet faced a transformation.

One glass of warm water, 5 minutes of stepping, 10 push-ups.. everything matters in your inch gain and weight gain.

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How can I discontinue gym, if I must?


First of all, you need to know that the fitness that you’ve gained is not permanent. This is one level that you have attained and maintaining is still required. Don’t fall prey to your desires, your comfort and taste buds. You can always ask for the the routine you must follow and diet that you must maintain. Thats it.

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