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The Good Vibe – Key To A New Way Of Living | Conscious Living

Are we not almost always lost in our worlds so much so that we don’t realize what we actually want or how we actually feel? We all at some point in our lives have felt this way or are currently experiencing it. Its more like a drift that we are in, unable to change it or, don’t know exactly what to do if not this! How to find a new way of living? or say Conscious Living..

The Key Is Within You


  1. Be fully aware of your physical state
  2. Acknowledge your emotional wellbeing
  3. Understand the mental capabilities, that you can achieve but somehow are not able to.

What Is Yoga Prana Vidya?

Yoga Prana Vidya is a platform consisting mainly of enthusiasts from all walks of life who consciously want to undo all the unwanted things about themselves. These people with their conscious efforts are lifting themselves up from being underachievers to being achievers in life.

Conscious living

Replace ‘Living’ with ‘Conscious Living’

And there are countless examples seen everyday. People have improved their relationships, earned what they wanted to, are at jobs they dreamt of and expanded their happiness quotient. And all this is achieved by a new way of living. A new way of ‘Conscious Living’.

Buddha once said, “The biggest problem is that we think we have time.” The truth is we don’t. Every breath that enters our body should bring us peace and every outgoing breath should be filled with contentment.

Be a part of consciously living group of people and change your world completely.

Organization: Yoga Prana Vidya
Place: New Delhi

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Shailja is an authorized trainer in Yoga Prana Vidya. Having witnessed the healing of this vidya miraculously in her own life, it became her mission to carry the baton. People from various field including Engineers, Chartered Accountant, Entrepreneurs, Students, Housewives and many more have benefitted from her energy healing.