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Can Healing Decide Your Next Birth?

“Healing is the first step of curing.” A constantly working machine has to be serviced time and again. Living our lives constantly struggling and expecting the best out it, without servicing or say repairing the damage is a bit exaggeration of expectation.

Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) has been consistently working on making healing part of our lives. Recently held spiritual programme held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, was one such eye opening event. We can bring down heaven on Earth by practising Forgiveness Sadhana, Planetary Peace Meditation and Healings, says Shri N J Reddy, senior mentor, YPV.


Forgiveness Sadhana

Forgiveness bears a great importance in how we can heal ourselves through forgiveness itself. Everyone in the auditorium radiated peace. “There is only peace that I can feel at the moment” one of the participant claimed. “Forgiveness is possible, today I believe that” another participant assured.

Planetary Peace Meditation

For about half an hour everyone in the auditorium wished for peace and harmony in the world. The subtle and powerful energies were felt by everyone as they wished well for the world. By the end of first half everyone was beaming with happiness and great relaxation.A very powerful mass healing was also given by Shri NJ Reddy and about 90 percent of the audience felt relief in their physical pains and stress.

Is Death Really Scary?

After breaking for lunch the second half commenced with a serious discussion on the Atma. Powerful teachings were given by Shri NJ Reddy on the Atma, Jeevatma, Paramatma and Parabrahman. He explained life after death which made everyone see death as only a transition phase. The ease with which he explained death was beyond anybody had ever heard of. He talked about the whole process of dying, where we go after death and how we incarnate again and the process of choosing the right family in our next birth. “I feel relaxed listening about death today” an old man laughed. After the explanation everyone practised the Soul Meditation. And all that could be felt afterwards was silence. These few hours could heal people of their stress and worries and joy could be felt around.

YPV Healing

The main purpose of this event was to bring down the ancient teachings of forgiveness, mediation and atma to the common man who otherwise is busy in the hustle bustle of life. Group practices has been always emphasised by YPV to bring about greater change. Shri NJ Reddy has always focused on the saying that ‘if you want to move faster move alone but if you want to go far walk in a group’.

YPV has been instrumental in transforming the lives of people through their powerful healing techniques and meditations. This country wide group of enthusiasts have been propagating planetary peace meditation, forgiveness sadhna, breathing exercises and super brain yoga at schools, colleges, offices, NGOs and at big events like this one since decades And bringing about change.

No dream is too big and with the dream of bringing down heaven on earth. Shri NJ Reddy has been spending most of his time travelling vigorously throughout India. His words of wisdom and knowledge has changed the lives of thousands and thousands of people and will continue to do so in future.

Miracles Been Possible

Weight Loss, Acute Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Problems, Arthritis and many other problems have been cured in miraculous time period, in YPV Ashram. When testimonials are received from healing sufferers, the joy is immense. When a diabetes patient is able to reduce insulin intake drastically and how his cancer infection healed just in 12 days, makes it believe wondrous.


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