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Know Your Breast and It’s Need with Fortis La Femme

Sundays are commonly associated with boastful breakfast, leisure lunches or gala dinners, parties, fun or a total laziness pampered. Few make it a point to look after fitness and beauty aspect too. Now think, listless events ahead but do you ever plan to go for a body checkup? No, in case, you’re not prescribed to do so, right? An event organised by Fortis La Femme to commemorated Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign had all the elements for a Sunday totally dedicated to women.

True Care

Women, symbol of love, considered shakti, giving and forgiving. We realise that women give their all to give their love and care for their family. We also accept that they ought to think for themselves also and pamper themselves but to what extent? Visiting a beauty parlour, a Gym, Spa, Shopping retreat… No we’re not talking about that.


Do You Need This Care?

Breast Cancer, one such disease, having no clear reason behind, no such age criteria starting from age 20s & onwards and results fatal. This is one such indulgence where women need to get themselves checked. Not talking about menstruation is an old thing now, at least gradually becoming so. Next step is to come ahead and pay some attention to the part of your body, that completes your feminism, gives your child life & health.



As explained by Senior Gynaecologist, Dr. Deepa Tayal, Fortis Breast Cancer may occur at any age after 20s. A lot of educational illustration we might come across about how to check the same on your own. However a right way to investigate the symptoms should ideally be learnt from a professional. Fortis supports this cause heavily and is willing to extend hand and eradicate Breast Cancer completely. She also says that one (woman) has no reason to avoid this checkup because there is no pre-defined causes that one can avoid. If you have anyone in your family with the same history gives you no choice but to get checked in time and frequently. What could be a better start where Fortis is offering even free breast checkup.


Initiative of Fortis, offering free breast checkups and 100 free of cost mammography tests for under privileged women is highly appreciated. Healthcare sector needs to come ahead and spread awareness and even offer the services at best that they can.

Anika Parashar

All gratitude goes to Anika Parashar, COO, Fortis La Femme to design this initiative, do all to bring women forward, spread awareness about the most intrinsic health concern for women. Hats off to bring the cancer survivor on the platform and her plans to work with them to understand patients well and deliver health.

Sincere thanks to the team for valuing women and among the fun, music and laughter, spreading the Breast Cancer Awareness so diligently.



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