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Best Way To Consume Almonds In Summers

Almonds are known for its beneficial value and nutrients. We get dietary fibres, omega-3 fatty acids that helps in reducing risks of heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, proteins and vitamin E which is good for skin and hair. However there are myths about how to consume almonds. It is often believed that we should soak and eat almonds, in summers to make it easily digestible and not clash with the heat generated in the season. So is it myth or fact? Is there anything to do with season for soaking almonds to consume?

What Is The Right Way To Consume Almonds

There is this brown skin on almonds which is just not meant for us to eat and be able to digest. It actually is present to protect the seed until it reaches a certain condition for germination. However the skin contains tannins, enzyme inhibitors which is hard for our body to break. Thus it makes it difficult to digest. Besides, soaking the almonds stops the phytates present in their skin to interrupt with our digestion. Also it binds with zinc and iron leading to less absorption in blood. Concludingly, almonds do have nutritional value with or without the skin but they make it easier for your body to absorb its nutrients without straining on digesting it.


Benefits Of Soaked Almonds

Weight Loss – They make you feel fuller because of the mono-saturated fats and good fats that curb your appetite. Feel free to eat them with no guilt and no fear of gaining fat unnecessary.

Fights Cancer and Tumor – Flavonoids present in almonds have properties preventing cancer and tumor as well.

Healthy Heart – Good cholesterol is promoted and bad cholesterol is prevented by consuming almonds.

Anti-Ageing – They have vitamin E which has anti-ageing properties. Because of antioxidants present in them, inhibit free radical damage.

Better Digestion – They breakdown gluten and release enzymes that help in digestion.

High Nutrients – Soaked almonds are germinated and destroy anti nutrients that are mostly present in beans, nuts and grains. That’s why sprouted grains are preferred over cooked pulses for diet and fitness conscious people.

Nutritionists suggest for those who wish to gain the fibrous value of the peel or advocate on eating raw almonds for the benefits of phytates present in the peels, they should consume peels separately. It is not needed to be consumed along.

How Many Almonds Are Good To Eat

It is good to go for one ounce i.e. about 23 almonds a day, as per website However, it is recommended to safely consume 10-15 almonds if you pursue a fitness regime. For a person with moderate or low activity day consuming 4-5 of them a day are good enough to get the benefits.

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