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5 Strategies To Improve Will Power Without Fail

Its early morning. 6.30 am. The alarm goes off. Its cold outside. You have decided yesterday night to wake up early and get in some exercise for your body. Do you wake up or hit the snooze button??

Will Power

 Your resume is lying on the sofa and vying your attention and updation since a long time. Do you turn towards it or turn towards the TV again?

Your choice depends on your will power .Your will power decides if you reach your goals and realize your dreams in the long run.

But wait, Will Power is not constant. It can be built like any skill that we have acquired since our birth…like walking, driving, talking.  Here, we present to you five strategies to change your old habits, and to help to build your will power muscle.


Meditate Regularly

Meditation is the no 1 way to improve will power. Practicing meditation for a few minutes each day can actually boost willpower by building up gray matter in areas of the brain that regulate emotions and govern decision making. Meditate

Wait…you need not to meditate like a monk to reap the benefits. Just close your eyes and become aware of your breath or a mantra for 5 – 10 mins. This will help to build your will power and reap its benefits in other areas of your life


Exercise – the magic pill  

Exercise is not just about becoming more fit or reducing your body fat or helping you sleep well. It is also a proven way to increase our will power.

 Scientific studies show that exercising regularly leads to emotional control, an increase in healthy eating, improvement on study habits and attendance to commitments. Now you understand where the jawaans / the military people get their will power from.

Before you start thinking you need to exercise like Rocky – understand that just 20 minutes of exercise for 5 days a week is sufficient. Find something you love – walk around the park, dance, yoga or just download a fitness app or video on youtube and start doing TODAY.


Set SMART Goals

Having clear goals helps to build your will power by giving you a clear direction in life and help you connect your daily actions to a greater purpose. When you set goals make sure they are SMART i.e

Smart goal

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timed

For example don’t set a goal of “ I want to lose weight” .  “I want to become rich.”

It should look more like “ I want to lose 5 kgs of body fat by January 1st” , I want to earn Rs 10,00,000 by 2018.


Use the power of Accountability

When we are left to do things by our own self, we easily come up with excuses to not do something. 99% of the time – they are just excuses our own self makes to stay comfortable.

The solution is simple: Get yourself accountable to people in your life who will hold you to a higher standard and they will prevent you from coming up with excuses.

There are many ways to do this: Get a workout partner, work side-by-side with a coworker or friends, hire a coach, join a mastermind group.


Whatever system you use, they take away your ability to procrastinate and make excuses.

If you need help in finding groups suitable to your goals, you can check out where groups of likeminded people with goals gather and help each other in specific goals.


The 5 minute Rule

One of our mind’s greatest faults is that it often struggles to get things started. But once we haves started, it’s easy to keep going.

  If you are struggling to get started on some work you have to do or start your daily meditation/workout – make a deal with yourself: You will do it just for 5 minutes.

Research shows that 80 to 90% of the time, once we have started – we end up doing well past the 5 minute time limit that we have set our eyes on.


Start following these strategies. Flex the will power muscle that you improve in this way to reach your set goals and targets. Leave a comment below if you need any help 🙂


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