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Secrets Of The Sinless Chocolate

From all the days heading towards Valentine’s Day there is this one special day that makes tons of chocolate sold throughout world on one single day. Aptly that’s Chocolate Day! Because girls love chocolate? May be many boys too. Like in India they say street food is favourite of girls but most of the population in street eating it seen, belongs to male fraternity. Anyway, let’s not be talking whether chocolate bags more stars from girls or boys, because this food ingredient deserves to be on the list of just anyone on this earth. After all, it hoards plenty health benefits. Let’s dive into few benefits of chocolates.


chocolate day
A Happy You

Better Focus

Now I know why every study session was through successfully with my chocolate stock in buffer. Studies have shown that chocolate boosts blood circulation to the brain leading to a major possibility of increased focus.

Great Skin

You don’t like to drink tea? No coffee? Not a problem, do away these for a cocoa rich drink or dark chocolate, that will help keeping your skin moisturised and bring a healthy glow to it. Eat or Drink or make a chocolate pack using cocoa powder, vanilla, brown sugar and olive oil. Your skin is a win win.

Besides, the organic compound in dark chocolate say flavanols, polyphenols either prevent or delay damage to the cells.

Great Hair

There are even methods to apply chocolate on your hair to improve growth and lustre of hair. To mention here quickly, Unsweetened dark chocolate mixed with honey and yoghurt applied on hair for about an hour and washed with cold water, is found to give the lustre desired.

For an increased growth of hair, don’t need to waste the delicious chocolate applying and washing. Just eat it everyday. More oxygen to hair, better circulation of blood, happy mood everything will work on a better hair growth.

Healthy Teeth

It’s all to blame the sugar to blame for acne, rotten teeth and all the damage done, not the cocoa. In fact, the sinless cocoa present in chocolate or readily available in dark chocolate, prevents building plaque in teeth, for cocobean husks contain antibacterial compound.

Do rinse after every sweetened food though, everything that remains sticky in your teeth does cause harm.

Healthy Heart

The cocoa butter present in chocolate is actually said to convert saturated fat to monounsaturated fat. That helps reducing bad cholesterol and induces good cholesterol and give you a healthy heart. The oleic acid produced present in cocoa butter is equally beneficial as olive oil.

Healthy Body

Fiber present in chocolate controls blood sugar levels, regulates bowel movements, help lowering cholesterol level, and even decreases risk of stroke. The saturated fats present in dark chocolate are also required for calcium making process for the bones.

Reduces Stress

Have no good reason to smile? Have chocolate! You won’t even need one. One blank day can be really complete with a chocolate as a closure.

Reducing Weight

This was uniquely interesting to know that mere smelling the dark chocolate generates anti hunger hormone called ghrelin, a study from Netherland shows.

Remember Better

Researchers from University of Maine and Australia say chocolate makes your cognitive skills better and boosts memory.


dark chocolate

There is a difference however that needs to be understood, between a sweet tooth and consuming chocolate. Most of chocolates will depend on the processing it has gone through to give your favourite flavours. When it has most of flavanols intact which is naturally present in dark chocolate, it is more beneficial.

Winters give a natural lift to the pull towards consuming chocolates however you can stretch it till summers as well, for its property to act against the UV rays from sun.

Chewy, marshmallowy, nut covered chocolate is not the one healthy for your skin and heart. However moderate potion of that is good sometimes. Don’t be so guilty.

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