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Top 5 Dishes to Try During Your Dubai Visit

When it is about food then Dubai is no less exotic to imagine. It is one of those countries who are known for their rich delicacies. Dubai has restaurants who serve virtually every national cuisine from around the world, but here you need to hang for a minute refresh your thoughts from your home cuisine, cause when you are in Dubai dare not to forget trying many specializing in Dubai’s own Arabic delights and just not the dish, Dubai is an amazing destination to explore beauty with feast. They have some of the most stunning decors, intact with amazing view and unforgettable culinary experience to offer.

So if you are planning a trip to Dubai and wondering what is on the platter for you? Well need not to worry we have the most amazing and popular suggestion of must try dishes for you. Which will only leave you craving for more whether a foodie or not. Quick forex is something you shouldn’t forget before planning your getaway anywhere in the world as they sort everything for you from the best discounts to the easiest stay Bookings at any restaurant or Hotel. So forget not to try their packages before your visit. By then follow down to know more about the best to feast list.


Manousheh Dubai Food

Credit: TastingTable

It is a meat lover’s paradise a local pizza roll is a perfect choice for the piquant taste buds. This is not so heavy still rich in protein. Roll cum pizza is an apt choice for your sunrise in Arab. The exotic topping will keep you on for it. The creamy sour labneb and minced lamb is an add-on to it.


Sangak Iranian Food

Credit: FinancialTribune

Bread or Chapati? Confused enough? Well the Iranian Sangak is a delight solution for your confusion. This rectangular shape plain bread is served with basil and Bulgarian feta. Prepared on ‘sangak’ i.e. stones, is made of whole grain flour. Good to have for those struggling with high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, family history of gastric cancer & people with high weight or diabetics.


chelo kabab

Credit: Zomato

Dubai without Kebabs? Wait you are going wrong way then, turn back and try these Aromatic Saffron Scented Basmati rice served with a pat of butter on kebabs. It is the most mouth-watering Dubai Food you with every try.


Al Harees

Wheat, meat and a pinch of salt, when combined with some hours of baking produces this and it’s no less than heaven on a plate a must try meal mostly Surved on Ramdan, Eid and wedding it is one of the most traditional foods in Dubai


Al Machboos

Credit: Onionin

Biryani? No the first look might give you this thought but the rice, onion and meat seasoned with spices, salt and dried lemon with basmati rice is what delivers the exotic AL Machboos. This plate has been also listed in the famous food in Dubai due to its diverse and balanced flavor of zest at the same time.

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