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Secret Fitness Food Ingredients From Land Of Spices

“There is no sincere love , than the love for  food“ Bernard Shaw. Kerala, Gods own country and a heaven on earth, is gifted with its authentic delicacies. At least once in a life time one should rejuvenate his taste buds with peerless kerala cuisine. Being aplenty in spices and coconut most of the Kerala dishes have abundance of coconut, either in grated coconut form or as coconut oil or as coconut milk. Most of these dishes are cooked  in  earthen pot , which enhance  taste and helps in  building immunity. Banana , available in the state round the clock makes it a inevitable part of diet. It has inexhaustible varieties of vegetarian and non vegetarian varieties.

Here is the list of food that you must try out when you visit the state

Sadya : The feast you were  longing for….

Food From Kerala


It’s a traditional veggie lunch eaten in plantain leaf .It consists of rice, savouries, pickle, dessert, side dishes, papadam , banana and  jaggery chips. Side dish include aviyal , olan, pachadi,kichadi, cabbage upperi.

What fitness guru says:

Brown rice: It is rich in fibre, helps in digestion .Releases 111 Calories on burning  100g  of brown rice.Source of Magnesium  Consuming adequate magnesium might help reduce premenstrual symptoms,  Phosphorous for brain development , strong bone and stronger teeth , selenium which is essential for healthier heart and other elements lie calcium , iron are also present in it.

Sambar: Releases 121 calories

Rich in veggies like tomato which has  beneficial nutrients and antioxidants is a rich source of vitamins A and C and folic acid

carrot –  Abundant in beta-carotene and fiber content, yam and drumstick are  good sources of vitamin C.

Aviyal : A coconut based dish contains all vegetables like sambar and has a nutritutional value of 136 Calorie .

Olan: Pumpkin  based dish in a medium of coconut milk contains nearly 300 calories.

Pumpkin helps you to keep blood pressure maintained, good for skin and better for vision.

Cabbage upperi: It  is a rock star among vegetables containing 350 calorie. It is rich in Vitamin E which is good for eyes, skin and hair. It treats varicose veins, it contains antioxidants.

Jaggery chips: Rich in iron and folate, it good alternate for  diabetic patients, Boosts intestinal strength and is proved good for pregnant and lactating women.


Puttu and kadala curry : Ideal breakfast….

Puttu and Kadala

Puttu is steam cooked coarse rice flour with layers of grated coconut  in a cylindrical vessel called puttu kutti . It’s usually served with kadala curry made out of black Bengal gram.

What fitness guru says:

Puttu is the most healthiest breakfast as it is steam cooked and does not contain any oil content in it. Half Kutti Puttu or half cylinder puttu will serve you 125 calories. The coarse rice contribute carbohydrate and the black Bengal gram is a source of protein  and iron. 1 cup Bengal Gram contribute to 177 calories.

The total calorie content of this combo gives you instant energy and lets you ease around till meal time.


Kappa and Meen curry : Companion for a cozy time….

Kappa Been Curry Food Ingredients


Kappa is Malayalam name of  tapioca  which usually goes well with fish curry. Tapoica is plentiful  in all parts of kerala and is called as food of common man in kerala. It is the main side dish  for toddy lovers.

What fitness guru says:

Tapioca is high in starch and is an instant energy giver. Nearly a cup of boiled Kappa contains 250 calories. Good for those who want to put up weight as its purely carbohydrate content. It’s used as a substitute for gluten free diet. Depending on the fish variety the calories you get will differ. If you’re using naadan math (sardine) it gives 208 calories per 100 g.

Alert: Make sure you clean Tapioca properly and cook well, otherwise it may cause cynaide poisoning, according to American cancer society. 


Thalasseri  Chicken biriyani : Beware!! You will get addicted to it…

Biryani Kerala


Thalassery is a place situated in kannur district of  Malabar  region. The place , mostly occupied by Muslim population ,  serves the lip smacking Thalassery biriyani made out of khaima or jeerakasala rice which has an authentic aroma and taste. The dish has a rich topping of Cashew nut, kismis, saffron and golden fried  onion.

What fitness guru says:

Jeerakasala  is a scented rice popularly cultivated in wayanad kerala and is often used as a substitute for basmati rice. It helps in producing more antibodies  and thus has disease resistant properties.

One serving of jeerakasala rice or 75g nearly contains 250 calories of energy ( however the thalassery biryani contains 650 calories because of rich ghee content.)

A 60 minute walk shall compensate 250 calories gained.


Malabar porotta :  From the kitchen of  skilled cook….

Kerala Food

Another delicacy from Malabar is Porotta, made of Maida flour, which is in layered flat bread form . Chicken curry, Beef olathiyathu  are the main side dishes for porotta.

What fitness guru says:

Fitness guru asks you not to consume it on a regular basis as the key ingredient maida is potentially harmful to human body . But it can be tasted once  for a change. A 100g of porotta gives you 325 calories, 10g fat and 7g protein.

These are just a few dishes available in the state, there are  lot more top notch  mouth watering dishes , which makes you long  to stick to the place for  more days.




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