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Dairy Products

Right Way To Consume Dairy Products Can Do Wonders

One glass of Milk everyday or even twice, is always good for health. Is there something more to it you need to know? Let’s have a deeper understanding of this mandate product, dairy product. Is it good? Is it bad? What you get? How you suffer? Is there a good enough alternate?

Milk and other dairy items have been an integral part of our diet around the globe since ages and no one can imagine a diet without it. Beside its great taste, we can enjoy endless varieties of milk products like yogurt, creams and desserts. It is believed that milk is the only food that we can survive wholly upon as it has all the essential nutrients that the body needs to function well.

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Why should you go for Dairy Products at all?

Milk is rich in protein, carbohydrates, calcium, A, D and B2 vitamins, sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium – an ideal all-rounder food. Our body digests dairy the same way it digests other foods unless someone is intolerant towards lactose, its main sugar. It has also been scientifically proven that eating cheese and other fermented dairy products may help reduce risks of diabetes. Foods in the Dairy Group provide nutrients that are critically important for health and maintenance of your body.

It’s not just calcium that you get from milk. Let’s see what are the benefits of essential nutrients in dairy.

–           Calcium           : builds and maintains strong bones and teeth.

–           Vitamin D       : helps in the absorption of calcium.

–           Vitamin B       : promotes converting food into energy.

–           Vitamin A       : promotes healthy skin and good vision.

–           Phosphorous    : bone strengthening.

–           Potassium        : maintains normal blood pressure and body fluid balance.

–           Riboflavin       : supports metabolism, red blood cell productions and body growth.

–           Niacin              : promotes proper blood circulation.


So what are the benefits of Dairy Products?

Though we know that some people are allergic to dairy products, dairy in its own has numerous health benefits. Know here how dairy has many health benefits:

  • Dairy and our Skeleton Structure: Diets rich in milk and dairy products have been evident in building strong bones mass. This way we have lesser risks of osteoporosis. A very important food group to have during growing phases – childhood and adolescent. Dairy is one of the main source of calcium to the body that is the key element in the development of our skeleton structure.


  • Dairy and Weight Loss: Researches show the positive effects of weight control and effects of calcium on body fat. A diet rich in calcium helps in the fat burning mechanism. Diet rich in calcium has shown 22% reduction in weight more than anything else.


  • Dairy and Blood Pressure: Potassium, calcium and magnesium found in dairy and dairy products help  in maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Potassium plays an important role in blood pressure regulation and stroke prevention.


” There is scientifically no link between dairy and dairy products and weight gain.”

In fact, people who are looking to lose weight have found that having three to four servings of dairy daily can actually help accelerating the process of losing fat and weight and in particular around the stomach.

It all happens because calcium helps in reducing the amount of dietary fat absorption and also dairy has the capabilities to reduce the feelings of hunger.


What are Ideal Consumption Techniques of Dairy?

Here are some easy ideas to get your favorite dairy products work for you to make you stronger and healthier:

Dairy and Breakfast


A golden opportunity to start the day with protein and dairy. Adding yoghurt to your muesli will enable slow release of energy and fiber (in muesli) and the calcium and protein (in yoghurt). Get the sip of your cappuccino or latte – slow caffeine (from the coffee) and vitamins, minerals and protein (from the milk), and if your running short of time, pick up your glass of favorite smoothie.

Dairy and Lunch


Salads with lean meats and yoghurt makes a great lunch as getting the much needed protein and the dose of calcium is all the most needed to keep you agile and energetic through the later part of the afternoon.

Dairy and rest of the day

A Balanced meal with a good source of protein and some carbs will do all the trick. Try these and you have all you need

Baked Beans and Cheese on Toast

Baked Beans Toast

Fruit Salad with Yogurt

Bread Roll with Cheese or Meat filling + A piece of Fruit

Bread Roll

Some Cereals with Milk

Dairy Products



Choosing foods from the group that are high in saturated fats and cholesterol can have serious health implications. Saturated fats raise “bad” cholesterol levels in the blood and increases the risk for coronary heart disease. Also, high intake of fats makes it difficult to avoid consuming more calories than needed by the body.


Is it Bad to have Dairy?

Milk and dairy products  despite being a dietary staple for a very long time, also has its controversial side: On one hand, milk and dairy are good sources of calcium, so we consume them; on the other, drinking milk is unnatural and that humans are the only mammals to drink milk from other mammals, plus it has hormones.


  • Raises Breast Cancer Risk: Higher consumption of cheese, meat, and alcohol have elevated risks of breast cancer as compared to vegetable consumption that has shown signs of protection.


  • Increases Risk of Ovarian Cancer: Women with low levels of transferees (enzyme involved in the metabolism of dairy foods) who eat dairy foods, especially yogurt and cottage cheese, could increase their risk of ovarian cancer by as much as three times.


  • Harmful to Hearing and Fetal Development: the vocal nourishment that the mother provides to her baby is just as important as her milk. A natural diet high in whole grains, fresh vegetables, and less of dairy food, especially yogurt, is required for optimal hearing and development.

Not just this, high amount of dairy product can also be a reason for Colon Cancer, Lymphoid Cancers and Lung Cancer.

One can also go for alternates of milk however in general, evidence suggests that fermented dairy products may have a positive or neutral effect on health. (1)


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