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Meet Your Beverage Buddy @ Jux-Pux

Once you’re an entrepreneur, you become addictive, for others and for your own self as well. Nothing goes without being scanned with the possibility of being a venture of yours. Perhaps something similar happened to this civil engineer and software professional, Simran Jeet Singh and Nipun Bhardwaj. These two techies became addicted along with the entrepreneur Pulkit Arora, to success and happened to form Jux-Pux in 2015. Jux-Pux, the brightest star of beverage industry as we know it now.


Ye Hai Badta Bachha.. 🙂

The innovative and revolutionary Jux-Pux has set its feet in Delhi, Agra and Hyderabad within one year of its inception. And the entry is massive with its take-away joints, cafe parlour and cafe lounge model. The brand and its flavours were so loved that it has come up with franchise model across cities. However one can go ahead to have Jux-Pux franchise model if its making profit in its existing set-up and owns a brand repo. Reason behind the ongoing and constant success of Jux-Pux is the strategy to keep its flavours innovative and yummy. Of course, that’s what anyone buying a beverage will look for!

An idea flourishing together

This love-born startup realises the struggles and feelings of a startup, love of doing something different and innovative, no matter the amount of dedication, motivation, power and patience it takes. Therefore, interestingly and very uniquely this beverage brand even supports struggling and rising new ventures and startups.

What a startup can expect from Jux-Pux?

  • Co-working Space
  • Events
  • Various Tie-up Projects
  • co-working

….. that’s commendably a huge support for any upcoming startup.


You got it right…Now!!

We’ve seen many people avoid drinking fresh juices and shakes from the juice shops for a fairly good reason- they’re just not convinced to compromise hygiene and kind of fruits being used. Besides not many people get luxury to get time or assistance for home made juices and shakes. Ultimately you miss on something, that’s healthy and refreshing.


Sip the heavenly pure drinks now at Jux-Pux because the management team here makes sure to preserve the richness of fruits and flavours until it reaches your table. The fruit of enormous efforts, time and money with an efficient and robust supply chain, without a doubt. Just a caution ‘taste that keeps you coming back’ that’s the motto Jux-Pux holds and proves with every shake, lemonade, ice-cream and snack they serve. 🙂

Just count the rewards..


Now when one of the most trusted IT company has shown interest in working with Jux-Pux, offering company campus for Jux-Pux Cafe lounge, that’s just one of the reward the perseverance of the founders and its dynamic team deserves. Big reason for that, Health and Hygiene, with a great taste!


This is one lovely hub for the youth, check out the space, the aura, the taste… assured!



Soon to launch mobile app and a website, with a thoughtful aim of giving a holistic eco system to check your order at your convenience and also be a part by suggesting the Jux-Pux buddies.

“Always dream with open eyes, so that you visualize how it feels to accomplish one” – Jux-Pux




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