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Is Monday Blues Frequent To You?

‘Monday Blues’ is known to many now in this decade increasingly. No wonder if it becomes a global concern one day or may be considered a holiday supplementary to Sunday to boost performance, considering a motivation factor. How about a half day off on Mondays too? 😛


But really, what has made us comfortably cribbing about Monday Blues? May be because we don’t have a choice and we’re left with no choice because our weekends go way unplanned with lack of discipline. One majorly contributing factor to Monday blues or any other blues is that we don’t chose our food consciously. While we’re busy scheduling our meetings and work Monday onward, that’s one time we must schedule our menu as well.

No worries, better late! This made me excited to share about one such food that you must plan in your diet, and make you shine all through week. (Borrow this for the week at least!) Kashmir to Kanyakumari spreading health, Ba-na-na gets all Yes from us. Reminding you some interesting facts, studies and opinions. Be amazed!

Breakfast Ba-na-na


It’s a perfect way to start your day with fruits and banana as a matter of fact, is good in many ways. Enzymes in banana help you in digestion which means an improved metabolism.

It also helps in losing weight provided it is consumed in raw state. It contains ‘resistant starch’ an insoluble carbohydrate that helps in burning fat.

Those who take more time in relieving themselves, do eat bananas, others will be happy buying it for you after the results 😀

Banana Wisdom

Rich source of potassium, Vitamins, Minerals.

Controls Blood Pressure

Intake for Non-Diabetic – Men aged 19 &over, Women aged 19-30                                                                                              should eat 2 cups of fruit per day.

                                                      Women aged 31 and over should eat one and                                                                                                                a half cups fruit per day.

One single banana will make it around one cup of fruit, hence an adult can have 1.5-2 bananas a day.

Intake for Diabetic – Having high glycemic index, one can have one small banana in combination of other low glycemic index food such as apples, oranges, pears, peaches. Eating Moderate is the key.

( intake suggested by USDA )

As I said, it’s better to be late. Late is good when results are victorious. Plan banana in your everyday and by next Monday, most likely you will be as light as ever.

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