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Five Food To Increase Focus and Boost Performance

One, Two, Three…Here we present to you five food specially created by mother nature to soothe your jazzed nerves and sharpen your brains. Have these food just before the exam or the presentation and just watch them steadily calm you and boost your performance!!

Not only for your nerves and brains…the other benefits are that these foods are also high in protein and natural fats which give you shiny hair, moisturised skin and help you beat the hunger pangs. Mmm….Start having them today!!

1) Almonds

What makes them so lovely is that almonds are the perfect combination of crunchiness, good fats and a mild sweetness. Have them everyday and you will bounce back from stress and anxiety much faster.


Serving size: Just 8 almonds ( medium sized) make one serving

Delicious Almond Dishes

2) Cashews:

Extremely tasty and nutritious, this is a wonder food which is used in a variety of dishes and sweet preparations. These tasty nuts have a calming effect on your nervous system. Have them alone or roasted or as a kaju katli or kaju chikki or with milk to sleep like a baby.


Serving size: 8 cashew nuts

Cashew Dishes

3) Sesame Seeds

They are the oldest condiment known to mankind. Have them alone for a nutty crunchy feel or as a til laddoo or as sesame chikki . They contain valuable amino acids. When taken regularly, sesame seeds help in reducing the stress and tensions caused by  regular extra mental or physical workload.


Serving Size: 1 table spoon of sesame seeds/ 1 til laddoo/ 1 piece til chikki

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4) Walnuts

These nuts are high in omega 3 fatty acid, help to keep your spirits up and improve your concentration and the speed at which your brain processes information. Have them in the afternoon at 3 pm when the energy slumps and watch your cognitive performance spike.

If you don’t like the natural taste of walnuts, don’t worry. Just roast them in a tawa or skillet and douse them with a mild dose of jaggery or honey, let them dry and have them regularly.

walnuts Food

Serving size: 4 walnuts

Smart Walnut Dishes

5) Dairy Food

Milk is the elixir of life. We Indians, specifically make use of milk in all forms – be it as the hot piping chai before a deadline or the paneer that we put in our curries and chapathi rolls or the ubiquitous curd and buttermilk as an accompaniment to our lunch and dinner or a warm glass of horlicks before sleep.  Don’t forget to have it every day and with every meal if you want a good memory.


Serving size:  one glass of milk/ one cup of curd/ one glass of buttermilk/one cup of paneer

Click & Try milk the way you like it  Milk Buttermilk Paneer Curd

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