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Best 5 Snacks to Beat Quick Hunger Pangs

Snacking is as important as any meal of the day. You think not? Consider this. When you eat small meals you tend not to accumulate fat and thus your journey to maintaining weight becomes pleasant. What Snacks Mean to You?

Just a Health Buddy when you chose them right. Pick a healthy snacking habit and replace your biscuits and other packed fatty snacks ( also the road side ones ). A healthy change starts occurring with self control and a teeny weeny resolution. Bringing these tasty and healthy snacks list you can eat leisurely between the meals and save yourself from gaining weight (and much more). Because when you bear the hunger and wait long for your meal, you actually eat irrationally and tend to overeat.

1) Makhanas Or say, Fox Nuts


Rich in – Carbohydrates, Protein

Low in – Fat, Cholesterol, Calories, Sodium

Benefits in – High Blood Pressure, Heart Diseases, Diabetes

The Add Ons – Anti Ageing , Anti inflammation

Good for – Kidneys

How to eat? Just roast some or fry in little ghee, followed by a tossing in rock salt or ordinary salt and a tinge of red paprika, as you like it. BTW makhanas are well known to make gravy rich, look good and benefit.

2) Puffed Rice aka Murmura

puffed rice

Rich in – Well, it bears some protein yet nothing much rich in. But easily digestible. So good to eat for a short time hunger. However the packed one may be found with added iron, vitamins and minerals.

Low in – Calories, Fats, Sodium

Benefits – Weights Loss, Regulates Blood Pressure

Not so advisable for Diabetic people. Quickly serves you a munching snack by just frying or roasting with little oil, salt and chilly.

3) Roasted Peanuts


Rich in – Protein of course, we all know that. They’re also rich in Biotin. What’s Biotin? That’s a vitamin of B Complex. And the benefits are tempting.

Benefits – Regulates Blood Sugar, Boosts Healthy Hair – skin – & – nails, Blesses Pregnant Moms with healthy babies

Roast them similarly with little oil, add salt and its done. With some digestive issues, it is advisable to eat moderately, say 10 gm/day will suffice. Prefer Organic ones.

4) Pop Corns


This ‘must have’ at theater deserves very well an entry in your homes for the carefree munching. Besides the packed instant to cook pop corns, one can buy just the grains from anywhere and that’s equally easy to cook using little oil or butter rather with your choice of salt or chat masala. Even sweetened or butterscotched.

Rich in – Antioxidants, Fiber, Protein, Iron ( more than eggs and spinach!! )

Low in – Fats, Calorie

Helps in – Weight Loss

And it’s Sugar Free.

5) Fresh Salad


Busy lives leave less time to plan the dining and set a wholesome meal with variety of salad. But that’s immensely important. So, Let’s give it a special place in our munching. All that you need to do is buy some salad stuff on the weekend.

Rich in – You just ask for it.



Vitamin C, E, Folic Acid, Lycopene, alpha and beta-carotene, antioxidants – from Raw Vegetable

Benefits – Lowers cholesterol, Prevents Constipation, help preventing cancer of head and neck- from Mix of fruits and vegetables.

Few Add on – Balanced Blood Sugar, Feel Full – Lose Weight

Do try variations in your salad to serve your palette. Include Lettuce, Cherry Tomato, Pomegranate, Berries, Grapes, Pineapple and many more that you can think of. Just do resolve to eat more and more of it possible.


A healthy you is A happy you! Hoping you to give at least two of this list an entry to your home and be family. They are easy, quick and …. Super?





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