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Bon Appetit at Indian Fusion Food Festival

World meets at one place – the dining table. Food has always been binding the world around with its delectable flavours and mesmerising aromas. Where you see modern meet contemporary, sway among heavenly flavours and when it takes effort resisting trying another dish, that’s the magic of fusion food. It just takes you along either way. That’s what we experienced at Indian Fusion Food Festival at Warehouse Cafe, Gurgaon.


Exclusive menu, that’s brief to look at yet extensive when you count the flavours. Easy to pick from, serving chosen Indian and International flavours, is very wisely designed by chef Bhuban Nayal.

The Fusion Master – Chef Bhuban Nayal

The R&D of Fusion Buzz @WarehouseCafe

Recommending one of the soups won’t be difficult for me at all. Those who like mushroom or not, those who like creamy flavours or not, this one soup, Mushroom Cappuccino Creamy Parmesan Foam, is highly satiating, blending all the flavours so well that they are neither lost nor overpowered. They just make your buds relish with every spoon.

You’ll be reminded with very own Indianized flavour with Arabian Dahi Kebab that looks little less but leaves you filled pretty well. Perhaps like many Arabian cuisines as we hear it.

Choosing dessert was a tough decision after feeling so full and ordering Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake seemed inappropriate at first. But on the recommendation of the chef, a disappointment came when gorging it was as easy as pie and needless to say just melted in mouth leaving a memorable flavour. No wonder choosing cheese cake and Gulab Jamun for the love of its fans and accomplishing the perfectly blend flavour is something worth a word.

Oh! How could I forget the Chicken Tikka Tacos?! No, I’m not a Non-vegetarian but somehow the well presented dish pulled me to taste one bite of it. That states all I guess.






Winters are perfect to indulge in savouring the variety of food and the warm ambience is complementary along with great music.

Returning to try the other delicious flavours is certain for me. If you wanna make your eat out even more happening, Do visit

Venue: Warehouse Cafe plot No. 11-12 Leisure Valley Road Sector 29 Gurgaon

Date: 8th Jan To Till January 31, 2017

Time: 12 noon. to 11:30 pm

Meal For Two : 1500/-


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