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Shivaay Set To Raise The Bar For Bollywood

Singham has returned after the Singham Returns.. The esteemed accolade awarded, Ajay Devgan has come up this time with clearly astonishing acting in his sensational movie SHIVAAY.


So when movies like OMG and PK give us the freedom to choose a God figure of our choice with the message that God Is One, Shivaay trailer induces a strong inclination towards Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva as we know is one God who lives in isolation with bare facilities and an extremely simple life. He was easy to persuade and give everything he had. At the same time, his anger was simply DESTRUCTION.

With Ajay Devgan appearing as the sole and cynosure of the movie Shivaay, the script seems to revolve around the man who is as calm as Shiva, living with himself, his family and his own world but when riled up, he becomes the destroyer.

So when you watch this movie, be ready to watch a mountaineer next mountain, in the lapse of Himalayas, taking up the extreme sites to explore.

Shivaay Sites

“Shiva is within every individual and the time we realize, then it takes us to our admiration” aptly said and portrayed in Ajay’s produced and directed movie. The pioneer of stunts in Bollywood has carried himself with his original, and natural Devgan aggression and resistance.

Team of Shivaay is indeed commendable and has a big role to showcase it mind boggling. The Cinematography is way different to what best we’re served in bollywood so far. Locales of glaciers, deadly mountain shots, the entire portrayal is perfectly conceptualized to look glorious and bring an aesthetic sense.

Stunt sequences are really breathtaking and precarious choreography without any flaws to be noted. Not much is really flashed about the characters, the insight, and the female lead as well. There is a blink and miss appearances of  Erika kaar and sayyeeshaa saigal according to the trailer.

Ajay Devgan

When technical team has already blown our minds, its not too much to expect from Mr. Perfectionist but bring par perfection from the co-stars as well.

So far all mouth are left open with eyes wide and Whoa! and Wows! With about 20 million views and likes flooded within 15 hours, let’s believe its official tweet that “it is an epic”.

Wait to watch!!


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